Emanuel Defends Disciplinary Policies At Noble Network School

CHICAGO (CBS) — Mayor Rahm Emanuel is vigorously defending policies at the Noble Charter Schools where students are fined for what some parents say are minor infractions.

As WBBM Newsradio Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports, Mayor Emanuel acknowledges the Noble Street Charter Network issues demerits and subsequent detentions and fees to kids for such offenses as chewing gum, being tardy to class, or carrying a permanent marker.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports

But while some parents of students at the schools complain, the mayor says most do not.

“Parents send their kids to Noble, which is a school of choice – that means parents can choose to do it – defended the policy at the school,” Emanuel said. “If they don’t want to do it, they don’t have to go there. They chose to go there.”

Mayor Emanuel says he is interested in results.

“Ninety percent graduation rate at Noble; citywide, 54,” he said.

Mayor Emanuel says he wants to give parents more choices like those at the Noble Street schools.

Since 2008, Noble Schools have collected more than $386,000 in fines and fees for behavior classes–including more than $188,000 last school year alone, CBS 2’s Mai Martinez reported earlier this week.

Students get demerits for an assortment of violations. Four demerits equal a detention, and a $5 fee to help cover the cost of staffing detention.

If a student gets 12 detentions, they have to take a $140 discipline course.

Protesters rallied outside the Chicago Public Schools headquarters downtown earlier this week, saying most low-income families just can’t afford that, and they fear with the success of Noble Schools, the fees could be adopted across the CPS system.

Protesters chanted: “Invest in us, stop arresting us.”

But school officials say students manage to go the entire year without getting a single demerit, so it’s possible never to receive a $5 fine.

  • robertjoneszr

    Indeed, workers lacking high school diplomas saw their unemployment rate jump 6.6 percentage points in June vs. a 2.3 point increase for college grads who has their degree from one of the High Speed Universities

  • jjjj

    Of course Noble Street has a high graduation rate. They can get rid of the students who are not towing the line. Those students have to go somewhere. This machine of a school system is broken.

    • James

      Agreed! And because they can be selective, a 90% graduate is nothing to brag about. Myopic morons, supported by a myopic moronic mayor.

  • BD

    Yeah, try that in the public schools! You will have a riot in three days! Public schools in the inner city are nothing more than day care centers and mini-prisons! Kids come home to either no one or a relative! No discipline. Parent or parents have no resposibility to get up, feed the child, dress him and drive him to school! Government does everything! When the child fails in school lets blame the “tenured” teachers! Rahm has turned that word “tenured” into a “lazy teacher!” Typical way to get more votes! We can’t blame the parent(s)! 38 kids in class, at least 10 who constantly disrupt class everyday and we all wonder why the other children fall behind! They should video a typical day in class showing what really goes on in inner city public schools. It is a zoo!

    • Jim

      Yes, it’s a zoo. The primate exibit!

    • Jack

      You are correct!

  • Afro

    Did they actually think that Rahm would go against making a dollar lol

  • tom sharp

    Totally agree with BD and others. In CPS you don’t have worry about gum and magic markers–it’s the guns and knives that are the problem. Noble doesn’t know anything about that because the gang bangers don’t get in the door.

  • Noble suporter

    Its easy to easily speak not knowing facts and details, its easy to just point out not being a student at Noble or having a student at Noble. I attended a CPS, you are so right you have to be more careful of the knives and guns at CPS trust me I lived it and saw it at Wells Community. How do we know there is NOT a gang banger enrolled at Noble? You don’t know that, Do you know as a fact that Noble doesn’t let them get in the door? Noble doesn’t choose there students by appearance or do they for you to say that? Rules are rules, the same way laws are laws! Regretfully, we cant make everyone happy but fortunately for these parents if they don’t like it as Emanuel said they have the option to take them elsewhere. We want the best for our children and considering the fact of the economy we live today a HS diploma will just not do it. Neither would a Bachelor’s these days, our employment is so drastically high we have those student loans still to pay yet no income coming in. 90% of the students actually graduate at Noble, either you want to be in school or not. IF you don’t get out and let those that do want to be educated get educated. How many working parents actually spend the same amount of time you spend at work with your child’s educating? Healthy speaking we need at least 8 hrs of sleep right, so then we have 16hrs left in a day. IF you a FT working parent that’s 8 hrs less not counting your traveling time from work to home or from work to your child. What I am getting at is we parents don’t spend the time needed to educate our children. Yet, we complain when they educate them or unappreciate the time these teachers spend with them. As a parent, I barely have time to spend with my own child as it is. Had I had 38 at a time considering the fact that each individual is different I don’t know what I would. THANK GOD FOR THOSE TEACHERS AND SCHOOLS WHO TAKE THE TIME NOT ONLY TO EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN AS STUDENTS SHOWING THEM MATH SKILLS, ENGLISH, HISTORY, ETC. BUT ALSO TO EDUCATE THEM TO BE RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, OBEDIENT. OH BUT WAIT WE WANT A BETTER WORLD, OH WAIT WE ARE PART OF THAT WORLD AND WE MAKE THAT WORLD!

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