(WSCR) With the Bulls holding on to the best record in the NBA, could it be time to sit Derrick Rose?

“I think management has that philosophy,” Mark Schanowski of Comcast Sportsnet told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “I don’t think they want to take any chances with him. Obviously, if you finish with the top seed after trying to get Derrick through the season with a bunch of various injuries, then you get into the playoffs and he’s not healthy, it’s not going to matter. I think the philosophy right now is that he has to get fully healed. If they have to shut him down for awhile, I don’t think they have any problem doing it. The problem is trying to convince Derrick because he’s so darn competitive. He wants to be on the floor all the times.

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“It’s going to take somebody like (John) Paxson or (Gar) Forman to say, ‘We’re looking at the long-term picture here. We’re going to sit Rip through the All Star break and we’ll sit (Derrick) too. If we lose a couple of games in the next week, it’s not going to be a big deal in the long term.'”

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