Report: Teachers Call For Big Raise In Contract Negotiations

CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago teachers reportedly are proposing a huge raise as they begin negotiations with the Chicago Public Schools system.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, the Chicago Teachers Union reportedly has proposed a nearly 30 percent raise over two years.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

According to documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune, the teachers are calling for a 24 percent raise for the 2012-2013 school year, and 5 percent raise the following year.

They are also proposing smaller class sizes, and that the school system place at least one librarian, and an art, physical education and music teacher in each school, the Tribune reported.

As one might expect, a union officer tells the newspaper that the start of contract talks has been rocky.

Last year, the union got into a public fight with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and schools chief executive officer Jean-Claude Brizard, after the Chicago School Board canceled 4 percent pay raises that were part of the teachers’ contract.

The Teachers Union also took issue with plans for a longer school day, a cause that Emanuel and Brizard have championed since they took office.

The union was infuriated when Emanuel and Brizard urged schools to break ranks with the union and go ahead with the longer school day on their own. The schools that complied received an extra $150,000 in funding from CPS, and teachers at the schools received $1,250 bonuses and 2 percent raises.

The union then sought an injunction to block the longer day from taking effect this year. Teachers Union president Karen Lewis argued that Emanuel and Brizard violated the union’s contract by allowing some schools to break ranks.

  • THEE Yard Ape

    The ballz on these fux !!!!!!!! UN-FUKING-BELIEVABLE!!!!

  • smash44

    Hahahahahaah! Stupid Democratic cowards. 25% in one year. Idiots. Parasites. Leeches.

  • Afro

    Would you like some fries wit dat?

  • tradefin

    you deserve it. All you complaining Blame the mayor and he pack of thieves. LOL stick it to the tax payers of chicago.

  • Dave

    According to teh Chicago Tribune…

    “We are not negotiating this in the public,” Lewis said.

    Why the hell not??? You get PAID by “the public”.

  • Just Axin

    How is it that catholic schools pay teachers half of what CPS gets and still manage to do a better job? CPS gets paid for 12 months but only have to work, what, about 150 days a year? After about 5 1/2hrs of instruction, the teachers are racing to leave when the students are dismissed. Seems like the teachers need to get more $ so the union can continue with lawsuits like the one crying racism when teachers are laid off. What a joke.

    • Jennie

      Of course that are leaving when their day is over, after all they have to get to the school store before it close, they have to grade papers and prepare for the science project the next day. In addition, many of them have their OWN families to take care of too. Yes, the union is fighting that lawsuit and many more. You people are not aware of what goes on in these schools. If you did you would know where to place a lot of the blame and that is squarely on the shoulders of the parents, principals (Many of them are terrible and should not be in that position but they are due to the LSC, but that is another story) and the mandates that are impossible to fulfill, due to a lack of resources and disorganization. If you only knew.

    • Derrick

      And you stay at work longer than you are suppose to without extra pay?

  • franklin808

    If Chicago starts an income tax on the 1%, then teachers can get the pay raise they deserve.

    • RealityConfuses

      It appears that franlin808 does not understand simple economics. THERE IS NO MONEY!! Or maybe a lot of non-thinking people such as Governor Quinn are in denial. Look at Catepillar! They are building a new facilty in the Carolina’s for a reason and it’s not just because “they can see the ocean” as the Governor says. The teachers union is a group of parasites feeding off the taxpayers and DOES NOT CARE ABOUT EDUCATING THE KIDS!

      • Chicagoan

        There is no money for the working people.
        Those that are upper or middle management within the State, County and City governements get all the money they want!

        Be careful what you wish for.

        Pay employee’s a decent wage with decent benefits and stop threatening to take it all away all the time!

  • franz

    If 80% of students in a teachers class:

    Get an A then they get a big raise
    Get a B then they get a small raise
    Get a C then they get no raise
    Get a D then they get a demotion and less pay
    Get F’s then they get fired and lose their pensions

    Of course based on independent review so they don’t game the system.

    If a teacher commits to trying to turn around a struggling class then they get an upfront bonus and pay scale reflecting the results of their efforts.

    Performance based pay-it’s how the rest of the non-union world works-why should an inept uncaring teacher get the same or more pay as someone actually making a difference.

    • Roberta Waker

      What a great idea, Franz. Of course, we can also expand the teaching program currently used by many Chicago school children who are being taught via computer by teachers from India. Our children are getting a good education and it’s a lot cheaper. Private schools do it for a lot less money, so why can’t the Public schools do the same? Teachers CAN be replaced and if they continue with their outrageous demands for money, they WILL be.

  • Jim

    30% REDUCTION is more like it…overpaid idiots. If they are stupid enough to ask for this how the heck are they smart enough to teach our kids?


    Ya just got to love these union oinkers,lining up for more slop at the tax$ slop trough. Weez b needin mo corn.

  • JB

    Sounds like a great idea! Let’s give them a 25% raise and then layoff 25% of them. That way the employed teachers are happy and we save money.

  • tradefin

    You think this is bad you should see what the administrators are paid. Teachers are nothing the real crooks are the administrators. Longer school days mean 50% of your real estate taxes are going to go up to 60%. Wake up people its not about the kids is about getting money out of property owners for a failed Administration

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