Mayor Wants Review Of Chicago Census Count

CHICAGO (STMW) – Mayor Rahm Emanuel has requested that the U. S. Census Bureau review Chicago’s findings that challenge the 2010 Census count.

In its first submission to the Census’ Count Question Resolution (CQR) Program, the city has presented 66 census blocks covering 23 wards which the city estimates may contain as many as 1,160 additional housing units and as many as 2, 350 additional people, a release Saturday from the mayor’s office said. The CQR program provides state and local governments the opportunity to challenge 2010 Census housing unit and group quarters counts.

“The accuracy of the Census is of critical importance for its role in determining federal funding distributed to our city,” Emanuel said. “In order to ensure Chicago residents receive their full share of funding, it is my responsibility to work in partnership with the Census Bureau to correct any errors that may have occurred in 2010.”

The city’s analysis used a combination of utility account data, Certificates of Occupancy, and field research to draw a comparison with 2010 Census total unit counts. The city discovered that missing units appear to be found throughout the entire city in multiple types of residential neighborhoods involving various types of housing units, the release said.

The city stands to gain as much as $1,200 per year in federal funds over the next ten years for every additional person added to its count, according to the release. A gain of this size in population could result in an increase in federal funding by $2.8 million annually. The Census counts determine the geographic distribution of a substantial proportion of federal assistance, particularly in the form of grants to aid low-income households and support highway infrastructure.

The mayor’s office says other cities, such as New York, Houston, Miami, Des Moines, Detroit, Nashville, and Washington, DC have taken similar action.

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  • Don

    So now the mayor wants to find more poor people huh.

    • Afro

      Did anyone tell Rahm the ones in residents 6ft under don’t count anyways and they should no longer be allowed to vote either. There goes his absentee support.

  • Civilized

    Don, you’re a dumb@ss!

  • slippery

    @civilized, and your a liberal which is 1,000,000 worse !

    • Lyndia

      You like the gop and so what. can’t civilized be what he wants to be?

  • arjay

    I’d like to see review of this little weasel.

  • Tom

    The census didn’t count my wife and I. Never called, rang the doorbell, or sent anything in the mail. I wasn’t about to go out of my way to contact them.

  • tom k

    This is Chicago the most corrupt city in the world I’m sure for every person that was missed at least three dead people were counted it’s the Chicago way

    • Border Agent

      That’s why they moved them to the WHITE HOUSE

  • 5 to stay alive!

    cut 25 aldermen and then you can talk about cutting fire dept jobs!

    • Border Agent


  • tom sharp

    Set a dangerous precedent and hire people that can count to do the work in stead of a bunch of affirmative action ward healers! Then maybe they can figure out how some wards had more voters than residents in the last election! Here’s a hint: dead guys voted, but didn’t count in the census!

  • Toonces

    Most people are trying to get the he ll out of the toilet SH yttcago; Rahm had better get them dead ones dug up for the census. The dead ones only stay because they can’t leave. Maybe if Rahm, Quinn and the unions would quit driving away the small businesses they might have some live ones to count.

  • frank

    Blame the federal government for doing a lousy job on the census. Obama cannot be blamed. The person to blame would be whoever oversees the actions of the White House staff. Yes, that would be the Chief of Staff. Rahm should blame whoever was the Chief of Staff during 2009 into 2010.

  • malcom

    You have to be one stupid person to live in Chi CONGO. Especially if you are white.

  • Steve

    The Government census is discriminatory why does it ask race? Is it because some races are of higher maintenance, so more money is allotted for minority neighborhoods? Funding should be based on the population only and have nothing to do with race.
    I bring this up because my wife and I have 3 beautiful children in our household, she is filipina and I am white so I have been adding a new box on my census report, I draw a little box and out to the side I put Human race.

  • sickened

    I’m sure they’ll find a warehouse or church basement with a couple hundred boxes of census forms that mysterously were missed. That’s why Alxerod’s back in Chicago. Make sure any counting that gets done is done the Chicago Democratic way.

  • Gary

    Can we have a review of the last mayor election too????

  • tony

    im sure that we could find 600 bodies at the county morgue

  • Jack

    Vote obama out to stop this nonsense.

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