By David Schuster

MESA, Ariz. (CBS) — Matt Garza opened up on a lot of subjects Sunday as pitchers and catchers went through their first workout at Cub’s camp.

As for whether he is hopeful that he will stay with the team and sign a long term deal, Garza responded, “I’m always open for that but those kind of conversations will stay between me and my agent and the front office. I think that’s the right way to do business and keep things going in the right direction. I love playing baseball anywhere but the city of Chicago is great and playing in front of those fans is wonderful. I had a great time last season and I plan on having even more fun this season”.

Garza doesn’t believe that the Cubs should take 2nd notice to anyone.

“Our chances are as good as any other,” he said. “Why should we feel bad about our team? I think the only time I’ll feel bad is if in October on the last day of he season we’re not still alive. That’s usually when the heartbreak sets in. But for now I feel good about all the new guys that have been brought in here and the returning talent and see where this thing takes us.”

Garza is not a “rah rah” guy, even though he knows he will be expected to be a leader.

“I’ll just go out there and get as many outs as possible,” Garza said. “I just do my thing and I think we have two great guys in Kerry Wood and Ryan Dempster to lead this clubhouse. They’re more of the vocal leaders while I’m just going to concentrate on my role as a pitcher on this team”.

The big right-hander is also very impressed with the overall talent on the Cubs staff.

“We’re very deep and way deeper then last season. We have a lot of experience and a lot of real good arms,” he said. “I like our rotation depth and we’re very strong in the bullpen. We’re in a pretty good position and even though we might be young we have a lot of talent and a lot of guys trying to prove something”.

And then there was the matter of the recent theft of his ALCS ring while with Tampa Bay.

“The police department said they haven’t been able to come up with any leads and they’re going to suspend the case and that I might have to just get a replacement. It’s a tough break but I’ll just have to go earn another one,” Garza said.

If he earns another one with the Cubs, the value of that ring would be priceless on the open market.

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