10-Year-Old Girl Says School Did Nothing To Stop Bully

LYNWOOD, Ill. (CBS) — A young girl was attacked in gym class and she said a school bully is to blame.

Elisa Ramirez said the same boy has been bullying her for years, but this time he hit her hard in her face, narrowly avoiding a major eye injury.

CBS 2’s Dave Savini discovered that, until he got involved, little was done to help Elisa.

“I try and stand up for myself, but I’m scared, too,” Elisa said.

Elisa, a 5th grader at Sandridge School in Lynwood, said years of verbal abuse by the same boy has taken its toll on her.

“He calls me fat, ugly, stupid,” Elisa said. “All he does is call me fat every day. … He, like, always has to make fun of me and say, ‘Don’t eat all the food big girl’ and stuff, and I’m like, ‘I’m not,’ so I just quit eating.”

She said officials at Sandridge did not take her seriously about the verbal abuse, and then last month her alleged bully got physical and whipped her face with a jump rope handle. The bruises were still on her face a week after it happened.

“He took the jump rope and he used all his force just to swing at my face,” Elisa said. “I just can’t talk about it, because it makes me upset.”

Her mother, who is in the hospital with cancer, said school officials did not immediately inform her of this incident. Instead, after school, they sent Elisa home with a note claiming it was all an accident.

Family friend Paul Panozzo took Elisa to the emergency room, where doctors said the blow just missed seriously damaging her eye.

“It sickens me that we can’t allow these little children to go to school and be in a safe environment,” Panozzo said.

He said the school knew she was being bullied for years.

“I’ve heard her mother call the school and file complaints,” said Panozzo. “They have done nothing.”

Elisa said she was afraid and wanted the bully transferred to another classroom, but that did not happen.

School officials said they are watching the alleged bully every day. The superintendent said he did not feel it was appropriate to do a transfer.

Officials refused to discuss any further details, because it involves minors.

Aside from dealing with the school, Elisa’s family called police, who went to the school and wanted to ticket the bully’s parents, using a parental responsibility ordinance which allows up to a $500 fine. Police said the child has to be no younger than 13 years old, so they could not issue the ticket because the boy in this case is 10 years old.

Other children at the school said bullying is a real problem.

Mya and Micah Carter said they do not see school officials stopping bullies who repeatedly seek out victims. Micah Carter said he also witnessed Elisa being hit and said it was not an accident, it was deliberate.

“He really wanted to do it,” Micah said.

Elisa said she does not think the school understands how this is affecting her.

“No, or they would do something about it,” she said.

Police said they have issued 60 parental responsibility tickets. They wish more parents would call them when something like this happens.

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  • Afro

    Wow Good job Dave, I can’t believe they don’t make the boy transfer, not just for the girls safety but serve some justice, no kid deserves to be treated like this, school should be a positive fun learning experience for kids.

    • Lyndia

      If this was a school in the hood, would you be that be that kind?

      • Afro

        Lyndia are you asking me if I would feel the same way if it were a black boy doing the bullying? The answer is yes. Why must everything you say be about race? I mentioned nothing about race and here you go.

      • jax

        oh this school is in the hood believe that and IM GLAD he tried to help my daughter out when NO ONE else would listen,. BUT HIM!!!!!! to her story

    • Afro

      I’m glad you somehow got involved, this girl needed you I hope there aren’t more going through the same thing, but I bet there are, schools need a bully intervention program with real staff members that can deal with the bullies and look out for the kids.

    • Ann

      Oh and also good job Dave and Elisa remember you are going to grow up great and smart and beautiful. You are beautiful!! You are not fat!!
      He will probably grow up to be in jail.

  • Former IL Resident.....

    Stay focused…….Public Schools need to provide a safe enviornment……A child is at school most the day away from their parents! Why allow the police to take away a parents time and money in this Economy? Bashing a Bully’s home life fosters another unhealthy action compounding the bully situation!

    • Afro

      I agree Former IL Res, the parents are not the ones to be fined here this is happening at school and the system needs to step up, and show some accountability, not everything start at the home either.

  • lizel banuelos

    i been in this school for 6 years and this school rally does nothing and it REALLY sucks..

  • Former IL Resident

    Horrible the school knows her mother is ill……..Soooo what do they contribute to this student’s tragic home life?

  • teacher

    I was struck by the news anchor’s query about what the teachers did to stop the bullying. In this case, it may be possible that the teachers did nothing. However, speaking from experience, I can tell you that teachers don’t have much power beyond reporting the incidents to their administrators. I can tell you stories of serious bullying and abuse that occurs in schools. Teachers report the actions. Teachers fill out disciplinary forms. Teachers talk to the administrators about the problems. But… the only ones who can suspend or discipline a student are the administrators. All too often, these issues are brushed aside by administrators.

    Please don’t assume that teachers do nothing to stop these problems. In most cases, we try as hard as we can, but we can’t go over our administrators head. Put the blame where it belongs.

    • Former IL Resident......

      Help Dave do a story about the Administrators……..

      • Lyndia


      • BEEN THERE


  • print

    The parents are indeed the ones who need to be fined for this kids actions.. This is a direct result of the parents not caring what their child does. There is little discipline for children these days. Parents promote this behavior.. This kid got it in his head that hitting girls is OK. Where do you think he got that idea from?? His home more than likely.. I’ve seen kids like this in my neighborhood.. There is one thing in common with every one of these kids. They run the streets & their parents could care less what they’re doing. And when you tell their parents it’s the same story.. Not my kid.. He/she wouldn’t do that. Pull the kids parents in court. Maybe then they’ll start teaching their children to be responsible for their actions.

  • Former IL Resident

    @Teacher……Kudos to you admitting that administration is the key…….

  • teacher

    @Former… Thanks, but don’t get me started. :) To be fair, administrators also have to answer to the district admin and the board. If I’m not mistaken, funding for public schools relies in part on daily attendance. So, it’s not in the best financial interest of any district to pursue these issues to the point of suspension or expulsion. We have the state and federal governments to thank for that. Of course, that leaves the best interests of the children hanging. Money or safety? Well, education is a business, isn’t it? Educators really don’t make policy. Educational policy is influenced and molded by business these days.

    So there you have it!

  • teacher

    Can you tell that I’m tired of being blamed for all the ills of education? :) The media and politicians forget that we can only work with the tools we are given.

  • jax

    I am her mother. And, NOTHING was really done about this situation. I went above everybody and again it all narrowed down too NOT my kids safety oh NO it came down to finances and keeping quiet

    Very sadly to say But it is the truth! ~

    my daughter was very brave to do the interview with David Savini and he was also ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL and very caring about the bullying situation more than anybody over there at that school. Believe that

    • Roberta Waker

      jax, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter and your cancer. Has anyone suggested you file a police report and contact an attorney to possibly get a restraining order against this boy and make his “parents” pay for her medical bills? If the school does nothing; you can always get their attention with a lawsuit because they are totally responsible for your daughter when she’s in school. Attorneys get a percent of damages awarded so it really wouldn’t cost you anything. It’s a shame to have to go through that, but sometimes it’s a wake up call for the school and the parents of the bully. Our prayers are with you and your daughter.

      • Afro

        Roberta you are wrong, flat out wrong, this happened at school under the schools watch, the schools these days have more influence over the children than do the parents. What used to be said is, it starts at the home but that just isn’t true in all cases it starts at the school, and its lack of proper discipline. Most likely if this kid had received a few with a paddle during the first years of his starting in on her it never would have gotten this far.

  • teacher

    Well, good for you for being an advocate for your daughter. I wish more parents would speak up! Unfortunately, in my experience, the parents who are most vocal are those whose children cause the problems in class.

    Good luck to you and your brave daughter. I hope things improve for her.

    • jax

      Aw thank you so VERY MUCH for your kind words. It is really tough having medical problems in the past and being a single mom. BUT no matter what I HAVE time for my children. I listen and they are the MOST IMPORTANT thing in my life

      and yes she is a tough one but everyone can only take so much. we all have a breaking point and i truly feel she had reached hers too now

  • Steve Bayne

    It is ironic that in a school system now largely devoted to engineering and indoctrinating students in tolerance and social justice rather than solid education should find it inconvenient and not to their own advantage to promote the very things they insist on in the outside community and daily life. If an issue doesn’t touch their pay check the convenience of blaming parents while neglecting their own responsibilities, there is little interest in either the welfare or education of students.

  • http://darlingbabyjake08.wordpress.com juliannasmith08

    There should someone to be blame due to this bullying issue, others get off to school because of being afraid about this growing issue. I could say that the impact of bullying is definitely not a joke and must be stop. I would like to inform everyone that I have found a service which can be use and beneficial to all. It is called SafeKidZone, it has an application called panic button. By simply pressing it the alert will simultaneously go to a group of safety network and can access to the nearest 911 in the area. For more information about their service check out http://safekidzone.com/

    • Roberta Waker

      Great idea. Maybe ALL kids being bullied should have some kind of panic button and when the police get tired of coming to the schools to handle these situations maybe they will stop. It is the SCHOOL’S responsibility to protect our children when they are in their care. PERIOD. Failure to do so should result in fines, arrest, and loss of job because SOMEONE is responsible and it isn’t always the teachers.

  • Stand Up and Be Heard

    It just goes to show….most people just want a paycheck for doing as little as possible. Nobody gives a hoot about making a difference. If this was my girl, I would hunt down the father of the bully and give him a taste of what she was getting. The young boy should be expelled and transfered out. Far away. That boy needs some whippin lessons too.

  • tiger paw

    he probably looks at his dads hustler magazines and really DOES think shes fat. sad but true nowadays

    • Roberta Waker

      Tiger. That may be true, but there is NO EXCUSE for bullying. Everyone has some faults; maybe the boy is skinny, ugly, dumb, wears torn clothes; I’m sure there is something about him that would warrant bullying, but that doesn’t make it right. When he assaulted this little girl, he went over the line and should be arrested; his parents should pay ALL her medical bills, and HE should be transferred to another school.

  • Blue42

    I feel for this little girl, it’s heartbreaking for those that care about the child being bulled and it will affect this girl for many years, if not the rest o her life. I was bullied terribly as a child/teen and I now have a 10 year old son, who is bullied for his weight and his bully spit in his face in front of the principal just as they were arriving off the bus to school, nothing was done to the bully except a phone call home, as for my son, school didn’t call me until later that day when my son was so distraught he was telling his teacher he wanted to be dead. Schools need to step up the punishments for these bullies and make it stop! Our children deserve a safe environment to learn in, the stress of the bullying takes over these poor kids and they start to fail in school, it’s not fair.

  • parent

    my children also go to the same school as this little girl and yes the bulling is out of control. my daughter was also called fat and pig and the child would trow food down her shirt. my nephew was being bullied and the dean witnessed it and made us aware of it he said he had it under control but two days later my nephew was in gym and was kicked so hard in the nose by his bully that it was broke and he had double black eyes his parents tried contacting the principal she does not return calls they went to the superintendent he did nothing they went to the dean who made us aware of the problem he said he would take care of it then when asked a couple days later about it said it was the bullies word against my nephews and nobody seen it happen so they acted like nothing ever happend i hate the fact that my daughter does not want to go to school anymore she also refuses to eat there is no reason for any of these children to live in fear the principal needs to be removed from the school she is usually out for the day or too busy having mardi gras parties to pay attention to what is going on in the school. i went to a meeting the other day in which the principal was suppose to be there and she was busy passing out martdi gras beads and eating with her associates to show any concern for my children. not to mention the bathrooms are locked and the children are allowed to go once a day when they ask to go they are told no… that school has went down hill fast my children will most likely not return next year and its very sad because there are some great teachers but the administrators are worried about whatever they got going on in their lives to worry about our children.

  • Afro

    Bottom line is, if they were on the receiving end of a proper board of education (that means Paddle) when they are act up a lot of this would go away.

    • Jerry

      I agree with Afro here, it’s easy blame the parents, teachers or whoever, how about holding the kid responsible for his own actions? Paddle his ass, He is 10 years old and been doing this for years, he obviously has a problem at school, so administer some Justice (That meant paddle at my school) and we didn’t have this problem for very long.

  • Know what she is going through

    I was bullied from the time I was in 4th grade to the day I graduated high school and no one did anything to stop it. They all saw it and told me to get over it.

    The administrators must have been bullies in their day because they let this problem go unresolved. I guess they will only act if someone is killed, but I truly hope it doesn’t go that far.

  • Former IL Resident.....

    @Teacher…..Most vocal parents are usually from the most troubledvChild? Judgemental and steering away from The Administration contribution to the Bully Situation…..

    Public Schools have Jurisdiction with all students…..Allowing them to pass the buck makes life more difficult for Parents!!!!!! This is a major contribution thrown into the Bully Situation……

  • Former IL Resident

    She is a great child……Her interview displays her strength inspite of the fact there is zero intevention…..I admire her ability to get through this horrible Bully Situation….

    Her tears from this experience is heart wrenching and yet she has managed to get this far without any assistance!

    • Toonces

      Former IL resident…I am jealous of you because you are a FORMER resident. You luck!!!!

  • Toonces

    So have the little bas turd arrested for assault and battery…..and then sue him, his family and the school district. Problem SOLVED.

  • madashell

    @ teacher, This blogger has posted on other sites defending teachers holidays and summers off! (by phrases used )That if I was mad I should get a teaching job. Teachers get paid for 9 months of work that the rest of us receive for 12. THEN a coaching job or summer school job just sweetens the pot. I bet the administrators never sit in on a classroom to see how the teacher interact with kids much less look at lesson plans —OH i forgot most schoolbooks come with lesson plans built in, something else a teacher does not have to do. Discipline is another thing teachers don’t think they have to do. I have heard teacher argue about which kids from the lower grade they were going to get. I have known teachers to travel all summer. Something most of us can not do monetarily or time wise. OUR CHILDREN ARE NOT A BUSINESS Has being a teacher, administrator and school board member become an extension of the the children themselves just one big popularity contest with the bully getting what they want!!!!

  • mom to 4 boys

    I think they should hold parents responsible for the actions of these children who are bullies. Parents are the ones who teach their children right from wrong and there are so many lazy parents that just dont care if they had to pay a fine for the kids being bullies maybe they would step up and teach some morals. bullies are not only present in schools but in neighborhoods as well my 7 year old son has an issue with neighborhood bullies and between my husband and I we have talked to the mother of the children at least once a month for the past nine months they have lived next to us and she does absolutely nothing. If she were to have to pay fines or go to court maybe she would discipline them instead of ignoring it.

    • Afro

      mom to 4 boys you are wrong, flat out wrong, just like I told Roberta, this happened at school under the schools watch, the schools these days have more influence over the children than do the parents. What used to be said is, it starts at the home but that just isn’t true in all cases it starts at the school, and its lack of proper discipline. Most likely if this kid had received a few with a paddle during the first years of his starting in on her it never would have gotten this far.

  • Former IL Resident.....

    Its the schools! They have Jurisdition of our children because each school district is the entity of the local area! Understand that a village is a Corporation, thus, the one in charge of the Public Schools! Revenue is the key point…………..

    Superintendents, School boards, Principals are the foundation of our Public Schools! They work to please the local government (crooks, croonie, loonies related to powerful people sometimes too)…..This sick behavior is passed onto the students! Wake up!

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