Bulls Have What It Takes To Take Down Heat

(WSCR) Just as the Bulls battled with the Jazz in the 90s, Chicago may be building a similar rivalry with Miami that will last for years.

In the 90s, the Bulls dominated the Jazz, defeating them in back-to-back NBA Finals. Now, however, the Heat took round one when they knocked the Bulls out of the playoffs in the Eastern Conference Finals last season, but one NBA expert said the Bulls have what it takes to take down the Heat.

“Once you get those (championship) teams assembled, fans in Chicago have seen how sweet it is to get a great hand and be able to play it for a long, long run,” veteran NBA scribe Roland Lazenby told The McNeil and Spiegel Show. “I will tell you, you have to flat out love the way the Bulls compete. It’s not like they’re going to be able to go to Mars and find some player that’s going to change the balance. They have got a deep roster. Those guys player hard. … When that team is healthy, they’re the best shot in the Eastern Conference to beat the Heat.”

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Lazenby went on to discuss why LeBron James isn’t in the same category as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

“Michael and Kobe are so far ahead (of James) in terms of all the intangibles,” he said. “When you start looking at the tremendous talent, then LeBron obviously is on a level that exceeds them in a lot of ways in terms of basic talent, but the focus and the fire — all those things that make great people truly great — those are the things that LeBron has yet to bring.”

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  • Markie Maypo

    Problem is, the Bulls can “compete” all they want. But without another star player to balance the officiating (which CLEARLY favors the stars on Miami’s roster) The Bulls won’t be able to win a series against them. I hope I’m wrong. I think the Bulls are the best TEAM in the league bar none. All things being equal and officiating not a factor, the Bulls wipe the floor with Miami. When the Heat shoot an average of 15 more free throws than the Bulls over the last to seasons however? Not possible to win.

    • Danielo

      Dude, the Bulls won ONE game in the Eastern Conference Finals last year. Are you really trying to say that they would’ve beaten the Heat 3 more times if they’d had more favorable officiating?

      • Danielo

        There’s no doubt the Bulls will fare better than last year; the series will go at least 6 games. If I had to bet on it today, I’d still take Miami, but the great x-factor, and perhaps the thing that makes “Part II” so intriguing is to see whether or not Rose truly knows what it takes to beat that defense. It’s so unfair to compare him to Jordan, but MJ learned something new each time he lost to the Pistons, and eventually figured them out, and the NBA was never the same from that point on. You KNOW Rose has been takin notes…

      • AT3374

        Agree with Danielo . And stop comparing the fire of Michael and Kobe to Le Bron already , we get it already . The ECF will be great again this year for sure though .

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