Cheerleading Coach Stabbed By Student During School Fight

CHICAGO (CBS) — A 21-year-old cheerleading coach was stabbed in the chest on Wednesday during a fight between a group of students at a West Side high school.

The woman was trying to break up a fight outside Al Raby High School, at 3545 W. Fulton Blvd., at around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, police said.

When the coach intervened, a 16-year-old girl stabbed her in the chest.

The coach was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she was in serious condition on Thursday.

The girl was charged as a juvenile with one count of battery.

  • tom sharp

    Quick Rahm, and Noble, “turnaround” that school!

    • jen

      Too late. It was already turned around. It is a charter school-ACT Charter school, used to be Lucy Flower H.S. Hmmm, why is CPS investigating? Why waste CPS monies and time on this, it is the Charters baby. Another article said the victim(coach) was trying to protect her cousin who was being attacked by the other girls…Can’t blame this on the Union!!!!

      • Teacher

        This is not a charter…it’s a CPS school
        And who’s talking about the damn union….a girl was hurt!

  • Al Sharpton jr

    Time to ban knives, teachers and schools

  • non

    Charged with battery? Why not attempted murder?

    • EQ620

      I agree. Makes sense to me.

    • joe


  • Spookiest spook

    Cheerleaders with knives? Does it involve nudity.

  • James Maile

    So sad

  • Leroy Goldberg

    A 16 year old version of Lyndia.

    • lyndia

      No MF, a 16 year old version of YOU. COLOR, SEX AND THE WHOLE SHANGBANG

    • NWA

      true dat.


  • Teacher

    There are a lot of ignorant and racist comments on here. Obviously there is clear lack of knowledge of the CPS system and lack of cultural knowledge all together. It is these types of beliefs that created this system in the first place. A girl was hurt here….have some damn respect

    • uncle sam

      @teacher,you are absolutely righ.some of the people making negative comments are just plain ignorants.hope the COACH is doing good and praying for quick healing.i just don’t understand 16 years old,got charged for battery only.does not matter if the kid is 16,why not charge the kid with attempted murder.

      • Mark

        because she’s black.

  • Just Axin

    Teacher- So, give us a lesson in “cultural knowledge”. I couldn’t find any beliefs above that “created this system in the first place”. What I did find were taxpayers that are sick of violence in general and criminals in particular. There are many in this world who do not want to address the real factors that “created this system”. If you want to bury your head in the sand, have at it.

  • juju

    Does g-man stand for girly-man? gorilla-man? goofball-man? grapefruit head-man? go go-man? guppy loving fish-man? The possibilities are endless. Have a nice day.

    • gman5727

      does juju stand for something or do you just stutter? You can’t talk about the story you have to dis people? No wonder this world is in the shape it is in, people always looking to bash or make fun of someone. Look at my name, gman, must be a common thread, but juju (sorry I just stuttered again)!

    • g-man

      It stands for YOUR MOMMA !!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha

  • Tom

    The suspect was charged with battery? If I get in a fight with my neighbor and he hits me with his fist, that’s battery. Even if I am not injured. WTH

  • StupidPeopleFTW

    Stop breaking up fights, just let them beat each other to a pulp, it’s not worth the risk.

  • AJ

    Who cares what race was involved. A 21 year old COACH who probably volunteered (or was minimally paid for her services) is in critical condition because TEENAGERS are allowed to run amuck. It does not matter race, sex, or anything, what matters is what are kids are doing to each other, and that it needs to be stopped.. There has to be a way to get through to these kids that violence is not the answer.

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