DUI Charges Dropped Against Ditka’s Son

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (STMW) — Lake County prosecutors Friday dropped felony DUI charges against a son of former Bears Coach Mike Ditka, the Lake County News-Sun is reporting.

Michael Ditka, 50, of Deerfield, was charged with felony DUI for driving drunk on April 20, 2011, authorities said. The charge was a felony because he had two prior DUI arrests.

But Lake County Associate Judge Brian Hughes earlier this month granted a motion from defense attorneys Robert Ritacca and Charles Schneider quashing Ditka’s arrest and suppressing evidence from the arrest.

Ditka’s Hummer was parked in a Deerfield strip mall and no keys were in the ignition when a police officer approached the SUV, according to court testimony, Hughes said Friday, noting, the officer “was targeting a specific vehicle.”

Assistant State’s Attorney Robert Money asked Hughes to reconsider his ruling, saying the police officer observed that Ditka appeared to be drunk.

Hughes denied the request, maintaining there was no reasonable suspicion to charge Ditka. Money then dropped the charges.

Ditka faced as much as seven years in prison had he been convicted of felony DUI.

His brother Mark Ditka also has a DUI case pending in Lake County. Mark, also of Deerfield, was charged with DUI for having a blood-alcohol level twice the legal limit and is due back in court March 7, police said.

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    • City Worker

      hope next time he’s driving drunk he drives off a bridge..and kills himself .cause DA COACH, won’t be able to fix that case…those free meals he has to drool out now…just another corrupt day in IL.

  • BoBo

    This is a crock of BS, 2 already, wait until he kills someone. Sounds like privileged treatment to me. Corruption is chicago’s forte

  • Karen

    Gee, isn’t it great that daddy’s name still gets you perks? Aren’t you a little old to be relying on daddy to get you out of jams like this? You should be ashamed you big jerk for drinking and getting anywhere near a car with your record. Your lawyer is one of those slime buckets that gets child molesters off on a technicality. I hope he lives next door to you so you can drive through his front door next time you have a load on. You should be locked up like all the rest of the drunks who think they should be able to drink and drive.

  • Bruss

    Sounds like a payoff to me !!!! Drunk drivers should all be treated the same!
    No matter how much fame or fortune os behind them.

  • SMZ

    I’m sure we’ll soon be hearing about his next DUI……let’s hope next time he only kills himself and not some innocent person in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is disgusting that he gets special treatment because of his name. He and his father should be ashamed.

  • Money Talks, Laws Walk

    I especially lilke the one sentence, it has a double meaning, “Money then dropped the charges.”. I have a feeling that the way is was written (referring to Robert Money, Ass State Attorney) is not really the intent but ather a big pile of unmarked $50’s and $100’s in a plain unmarked envelope.

  • observer

    this guy caught a lot of heat just because of his father.unfair to to junior

  • Roberta Waker

    Surprise, surprise. Ditka’s son got off on his third DUI and his other son also has a record of DUIs. Wonder if Judge Hughes got box seats to all the Bears games. Anyone else would be in jail and allowing this “drunk” to go free is a big mistake and a miscarriage of justice. Da Judge needs to step down and pray Ditka’s next victim isn’t a member of HIS family. If this drunk hurts or kills any member of my family, Da Judge will be sued as well as Ditka.

  • franz

    My ex wife’s family were all a bunch of drunks like the Ditka’s-every holiday or celebration (kid’s birthdays christening you name it) was always an all nighter and always included some sort of drama

    Sad thing is a family raised by drunks usually creates a new generation of drunks

  • Carl

    Exactly! This is just another petty DUI story. Police like to hand out DUI’s like they are candy. The only reason this is news is because his last name is Ditka. Note to all of the haters commenting here, you have to be driving or at least have the keys in the ignition to get a DUI!

    • Carl

      This is a reply to observer.

  • Javier

    I am a firm believer that any kind of check point ruecdes many things, like DUI/DWI, unlicensed, unregisterd, unisured drivers, and spot checks also locate missing persons and wanted subjects. Of course if your an illegal alien or any of the ones I listed, you have a savior in San Elizario, Texas who owns a store and places a sign in front of his store warning people of upcoming police/sheriff checkpoints. Savior or look out for criminal organizations???? But either way, checkpoints in my book , do help the public. Yea, it might be a pain to show all your stuff, and maybe many people get tickets or go to jail for DWI/DUI, but you know what, maybe that arrest will be your wakeup call, and maybe they (police) just saved your life or an innocent persons life????

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