Tyler Perry Gives $100,000 To Pastor On Shuttered Motel Roof

Updated 2/24/2012 at 10 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — The Rev. Corey Brooks came from the roof of a shuttered West Woodlawn neighborhood motel after actor-director Tyler Perry said he would donate $100,000 so Brooks can buy the motel and replace it with a community center.

After he learned about the pastor’s three-month vigil, Perry said on the Tom Joyner radio show Friday morning he would provide the donation. Now, Brooks is $15,000 above his original goal of raising $450,000.

In addition, a local donor said he would provide $85,000 to Brooks’ mission.

Greeting an enthusiastic crowd when he came down from the roof shortly after 6 p.m. Friday, Brooks thanked donors large and small who helped him exceed his fundraising goal.

“I’m extremely grateful tonight for Brother Tyler Perry,” Brooks told the crowd.

He said he had not originally intended to camp out for so long.

“I thought originally it would take 21 days. Never did I think it would take 94 days, but I’ll say this: I would not trade one single day, for what I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced,” Brooks said.

Perry initially said he would give $98,000 to help the pastor reach his goal.  Perry’s camp later increased the donation to $100,000, saying it was easier to round up, Brooks said.

The pastor later attended the Chicago premier of Perry’s movie, “Good Deeds.” It’s about a wealthy, successful business man who helps a struggling single mother get back on her feet.

Brooks said he would celebrate over the weekend but vowed to be back on Monday to promote the second phase of the project: Raising money to actually build the center.

Brooks, pastor of New Beginnings Church, has been camping out on the roof of the Super Motel, 6625 S. King Dr., for 94 days.

The motel, located across the street from Brooks’ church, was shut down over problems with drugs, prostitution and violence.

Brooks said recent shootings in the neighborhood confirm the need for the center.

“If we don’t enhance this community, if we don’t make this community better, it’s going to continue to be a killing field,” Brooks to WBBM Newsradio on Thursday.

Brooks helped to get the motel shut down. He wants to replace the building with a community center for the surrounding community and give kids a safe place to spend their free time and create retail opportunities for local residents.

While many have been inspired by Brooks’ campaign, it has not been without its discouraging moments, however. An 18-year-old boy with whom the pastor was acquainted was shot a couple of blocks north of the motel, in the 6400 block of King Drive.

Brooks has come down off the roof of the motel twice to bury two teens who were shot and killed at a Church’s Chicken shop in Englewood. Before he went up on the roof, Brooks buried 10 local teens lost to gun violence.

He said he thought he might have to come down a third time to set his teenage daughter straight.

“I just had her brought here,” he said.

Brooks said he will not be up on a roof as he solicits funding to begin construction of the community center.

Donations to Brooks’ campaign, Project HOOD (Helping Others Obtain Destiny), can be made by clicking here to visit his website.

  • Just Axin

    Lets see how long it takes to get the $ to build that center. My bet is his a$$ will be back on dat roof.

    • Afro

      If it ever gets built, I say within 5 years it will be back to like it is now, full of brothers doing what they do best.

  • Percy

    Just Axin, instead of being pessimistic how about a donation to help make a community that you complain about regularly better. I know that is out of the question so if you don’t have anything good to contribute, try not saying anything. My prayers are with Pastors Brooks, the community and you. I pray that all three of you are in a better place in the new future.

    • Afro

      Look at this remark from Percy, just like the blacks we didn’t turn it in to the pit that it is but they want us to make the donations to fix it, just so it they can do it all again. Hey Percy, your kind broke it let your kind fix it.

      • xedge

        agree 100 percent

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  • Ricke Grant

    Wow God is Good.

  • Jaye

    That’s Awesome!!! God is definitely good!!!!

  • We (THEM) Need Mo Money

    Project HOOD. ( Helping Others (THEM) Obtain Destiny. Same old story, We (THEM) need money for us (THEM).

    • Pamala E.

      How is any of this bad? How does it effect you?

  • anonymous

    perry saw this as an opportunity to add more publicity to his movie, he’s worth hundreds of millions, 100k is nothing to him and this weekend he will make 50 times that amount…



  • The Film Is For Them Only

    We are not them.

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  • Trent

    May this work out. That’s to many kids we are losing in such a short time. If all the neighborhoods pitch in, anything is possible. Just jump in and help out anyway you can. God is in the BLESSING BUSSINESS! Take this as a gift, and show that it means something to all that’s in that HOOD! God Bless You Tyler Perry!

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