Youth Baseball Coach Suspended For Using N-Word On Facebook

CHICAGO (CBS) — A southwest suburban man has been suspended as head of a youth baseball league, after he used the N-word in a Facebook posting about singer Whitney Houston.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, John Kelly of Oak Lawn insists he is not racist, and he tells the SouthtownStar he has some amazing friends who are African-American. But now, he says his life has been ruined by his use of the N-word.

Kelly does not deny writing the Facebook post with the slur. He just says he didn’t realize he was using the word when he posted to Facebook, “I’m so sick of this dumb, stupid n****r Whitney Houston,” the SouthtownStar reported.

By the time he noticed he’d used the word, it was too late, he told the newspaper.

Kelly posted the comment to his personal Facebook page. He was tired of hearing media coverage of Houston’s death, and resented the fact that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie ordered flags flown at half-staff for her, the newspaper reported.

But the mother of a former player at Westside Baseball of Oak Lawn, where Kelly is a coach, reposted the comment to her own Facebook page and that of the youth league, the SouthtownStar reported. She told the newspaper she wanted other parents to know about the remark.

Kelly has been suspended by the Westside Baseball league. He will remain on the board of the league, but is banned from coaching for a year, the SouthtownStar reported.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

  • Dominic

    This is why facebook is for idiots.

  • THEE Yard Ape

    The man speaks the truth and gets in trouble – the NEW way of the USA !!!

  • franz

    Life lesson learned how things can come back to bite you in the behind

    But the double standard is BS….

    Why is it OK for blacks folk to say this word to each other or black comedians to bater it about without repercussion?

    Also on the double standard note:

    Why do muslims get so incensed about someone saying something about or doing something to their sacred book but don’t bother to speak up when their fellow muslims are blowing up and killing innocent children? Why don’t they riot for days following such horrific acts?

    Common denominator here-If black folks and muslims would put their priorities where they need to be there would not be such huge problems with un and undereducated people and so many suffering in poverty.

    The N word is just another word and the world should not walk on egg shells when someone uses it just like the president of the united states should not rush and run to apologize beacause some religeous books got ACCIDENTLY burned

    • THEE Yard Ape

      You are a very wise man Franz, well stated!

      • Terrance Robinson

        Hey Mr. Afro, how did you get the word NI&&ER past the censors? It wouldn’t post for me.

      • Afro

        As I said before it was removed I’m sick of the word NlGGER being treated as if it were an unlawful word.

      • Afro

        I’m sick of it being unlawful for white people that is. Using the word NlGGER is not a crime!

  • S. Porto

    Too many blacks use the n-word all the time to each other. There’s your double standard.

  • World Peace

    Just do like me, know that there are certain roads you should not go down. Especially if you do not live on that road.

    • Afro

      Then why do we all pay taxes on that road? If I can’t drive on it tax dollars shouldn’t be spent on it.

  • Hvacman

    Feel sorry for this guy but then again I don’t. If you are all stupid enough to use facebook to post what you are truly thinking then you have to pay the piper. I just don’t understand how the black community gets offended by the use of the N-word when someone else uses it but it appears to be OK when they use it to describe themselves. Look at the hip hop music lyrics, they use it all the time. In mind unfortunately we will always have racism in this world

  • Terrance Robinson

    If anone knows the name of the woman that made the complaint that ruined this guy, please post it here so everyone can contact her through Facebook, phone, etc, to express outrage at the notion that this guy had done anything wrong. The word NI&&ER is simply slang for NEGRO, which is the proper word when referring to Afro-Americans!!!

    • Pamala E.

      I hope no one shares that information. She demonstrated the concern that a parent should when she discovered that the coach was posting on Facebook using inappropriate language. He is free to have whatever opinion he chooses but posting it on an open forum like Facebook or tweeting it is just plain foolish.

      • Perspective

        I agree. I also hope no one releases the woman’s information. He posted on facebook because he wanted the world to see his public comment. She assisted him. What’s the big deal? He has a public job, working with the public. Duh? Have enough sense to recognize that you have to filter yourself. The hood that the KKK wore wasn’t for decoration, racism has always been shielded in coward. Having a facebook page with parents on it OR your black friends and dropping the N-bomb.. Pricelessly stupid.

    • Pamala E.

      Sorry, it’s not ok with all Black people. I don’t use nor is it acceptable in this situation . Twitter and Facebook are for fools, it’s been proven time and again.

      • Afro

        It doesn’t matter there is no law against it and never will be, speech is protected and he should sue and be reinstated and compensated for his losses.

    • Foolsforsure

      I trust that you, too, are listed and can be posted as well. Going after a woman… can’t you find a man, maybe her ex husband. Such internet cowards.

    • Afro

      @Terrance I don’t know I just type out the letters NlGGER and the filters don’t reject it.

      • Pamala E.

        Apparently he wasn’t free to post that on Facebook.. And his excuse was just lame…but some of his best friends are Black. Ridiculous!

  • Just Axin

    Too bad this coach isn’t black. It would be priceless to see the district’s response then.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      @Just – GREAT POINT!!!!!

  • Soul to Soul

    You know the problem with you American people are: You all can’t see eye to eye. Race and money will be the down fall of America

  • Soul to Soul

    Racism and Money down fall of America

    • Afro

      Racism and Money is what America was built on.

      • Soul to Soul

        Does that make it right in your eyes, if yes I do respect that Afro man.

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  • Perspective

    The N word shouldn’t be used by anyone. It began as a negative term. Someone came up with the theory of making it a common word to relieve the stigma of it, while others choose to see it in it’s origins and not use it. Two different solutions to the same problem. So please don’t be so ignorant to think that it is acceptable by all persons of color. Now if you want to use the word in it’s proper form perhaps the Caucasians should start calling THEMSELVES Ni&&er. I guess that will make it TRULY equal.

    Oh and I think that if the coach was black there still would have been an issue. Unfortunately the media would NOT cover that because there would be people of color that WOULD disagree with him using it, but white owned media never seems to think that’s news.. Funny, eh?

  • Mega

    Yes people have the right to free speech, but like with any other ‘cuss word’ it depends on the context one use’s it in. Black people don’t call each other n***er, they say n***a. Which is a slang term for friend. The American slang language is a strange one, but like I said, there are many words that have two meanings. Like the word b*tch. It can mean female dog, or a slur towards women. The fact is that this coach works with children, he should sensor his personal thoughts, to avoid negatively influence the children.

    • Mega


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