Citizen Tip Leads To Alleged Drug House

WAUKEGAN, Ill. (STMW) – Police continue to move on citizen tips on drug houses in the city, executing another search warrant this week that adds up to almost half a dozen in the last few months.

On Tuesday, Waukegan police investigators obtained a search warrant and went to a home in the 600 South Jackson St., just after 8 p.m., authorities said Friday. They found and seized 4.2 grams of cocaine, 15 grams of marijuana and a Glock 9mm handgun from the residence.

Neal Dzierla, 32, was arrested and charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession with intent to deliver, possession within 1,000 feet of a park, and possession of a handgun without a state Firearm Owner’s Identification card.

In many of the recent raids, police have found different kinds of drugs and weapons at almost every home they served a warrant.

“I continue to encourage all residents to contact the police if they suspect there is a drug house in their neighborhood. The police can only succeed in eradicating our neighborhoods of drug dealers with the support of area residents,” said Police Chief Dan Greathouse.

He said recent arrests have been “quality arrests” and he does not believe what he has heard some people say, that drug dealing is a victimless crime.

“Tell that to Mrs. McGillicuddy (a fictitious victim), who had her home burglarized last week, and a family heirloom stolen,” said Greathouse. That heirloom was priceless to her, but some heroin addict traded it to his drug dealer for less than $50 worth of heroin.

“Unfortunately, we’ve experienced a rash of residential burglaries over the last few weeks. As a community we really need to properly address the systemic problems of this trend,” he said.

Residents need to be alert of suspicious people or vehicles and call 9-1-1 immediately, he said. You can earn a cash reward by calling Lake County Crime Stoppers at (847) 662-2222. Crime Stoppers wants your information, not your name.

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  • Jim

    An eight ball of coke and a half an ounce of pot! Big arrest! Sounds more like personal use to me! Don’t forget everyone, you can call Crimestoppers for a cash reward. Also don’t forget, Snitch= Worlds lowest life form! We have homies bustin caps for the pure pleasure of spreading misery and they are worrying about a petty drug bust!

    • JP

      I wonder if you would have that same “ho-hum” attitude if this guy was your neighbor.

      • Jim

        Wouldn’t bother me at all. Millions of people use pot and coke recreationally, while working full time and being constructive members of society. My opinion might be different if he had crack heads coming and going all hours of the night!

      • CM


        your next door neighbor is probably on some type of prescription medication which is a far bigger problem in America than you probably realize,

        oxycotin, methadone, codeine, these are destoying entire small
        rural towns faster, than any heroin, crystal meth and crack combined

        and rehab isn’t an option because it so expensive, easier for society to just house these addicts in jail and then justify why they spent our hard earned tax dollars to give us a false sense of security, without proper treatement, they will come out and repeat their crimes again, a vicious cycle that never ends unless we all conribute to fixing the problem long-term, not short-term jail sentence

    • jr


  • Mr. Mackey Sez....

    Drugs are bad, “M”kay”.

  • Rob

    So Jim…..if indeed a snitch is the lowest form of life…then following your logic…you wouldn’t snitch unless your next door neighbor had people coming and going at all hours of the night ? And if indeed millions of people use coke and pot recreationally…I would assume you wouldn’t have a problem if one of those people was your kids doctor? Or the bus driver who brings your kid on a school trip just snorts a little coke before he drives? After all…they are constructive members of society. And the unregistered gun? No problem to you? Unless,of course…someone shot your kid in the face. No big deal..all of it…according to your logic.

    • CM


      did you know of the 1.28 million incarcerated every yeat in our CRJ system
      640K are in there on drug possession related crimes…

      small amounts, not intent to kilos and 20 lbs of weed

      640k X 50K a year to house them…do the math..
      that’s 32 million a year alone for the entire US taxpayers

      I would rather spend that 50k rehabiliating them and for them to come back
      into society making 30k a year, and us keeping that 32million in our pockets
      the following year

      And since you seem have to such a problem with your neighbors being drug addicts, I have a shocking statistic for you. 1 in 4 of Americans are on some form of prescription, which gives 1 in 4 teenagers and children access to the drugs.

      1 in 4…which means your neighbor is contributing to scripts availability
      epidemic with kids.. I don’t see you calling the police on them??

      Think about that!!

      • CM

        We have become a society of wimps that needs a pill to solve everything…

        how about coping skills? how about exercise? how about volunteering or getting outside? we have become a bunch of idiots on meds that do not even have to remember a phone number anymore, because we type the names of people in our cells, and their is no longer a need for memory,

        hell with spellcheck on the computer, we do not even need to know how to spell anymore!

      • CM

        most of people’s chidlren I have spoken to ages 4–12 look at me like I am crazy when I discuss American or World History, they don’t even know what happened in this country 20 years before they born, much less 100 years ago

        We have completed stupidified the next generation with technology and prescritpion medication, and people are worried about marijuana ( hemp ) that has been around since ancient China, and coca leaves that have been around since the same time?? OMG!!

  • malcom

    its sad that so many whites copy blacks and the cimes they are apart of. Well since he wants to act black then put this white trash in prison with the blacks.

  • Lyndia

    malcom, whites are not copying from blacks, they are just being their true selfs. Dope dealing, crack head, meth making, honkey.

    • Mark

      Fu ni**er b*tch!

    • Wnats to be Lyndia's Husband lol

      I so love you ! No really I do. If this guy were black or hispanic the number showing the amount of comments would in the triple digits by now. Yet the racists don’t see or chose not to see this double standard as a clear reason why we suck as a nation now primarily because we can’t think logically as a society anymore. Now after posting my agreement with your comment watch the number of idiotic racist comments that will possibly follow.

      • THEE Yard Ape

        I’m Lyndia’s favorite honkey so fuk off!!! That filthy negress is all mine.

      • Dave

        @ Absolutely! that’s all you find here.CBS has made it easy to be one.F.Y.I…i’m White.

  • madashell

    It seems like people need a pill for everything because that is what the docs do because they have stock invested in the companies. @CM coping skills sounds nice but who teaches them to the kids, But tell me how do you cope with no employment or under employment when your government sent your factory job overseas!!! Welfare to work? There are no jobs for theses people to get anymore! Bush negotiated it, clinton signed it Obama bin laden is working it – free trade agreement which allowed all our companies to move over seas with no OSHA regulations, low wages and child labor to rape workers all over the world. The USA will become a two tiered society haves and have -nots. There will be no middle class. You heard in the news Obama is somehow related to other presidents or lawmakers – Thats how they want it – to keep it all to themselves. YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL ARE NO LONGER IMPORTANT. All that matters is your manipulated vote and your tax dollars for them to manipulate you further. They have dummed us down and taken our jobs what more are we to give up???

  • StupidPeopleFTW

    Lol @ Drug House…

    Little over an 8ball and a half ounce… yea… serious bust there. That’s less than some people would keep for personal use.

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