(WSCR) Entering the 2011 season, the White Sox were the consensus favorite to win the American League Central.

One year later, however, it’s a completely different story.

“This can be a very successful year without making the playoffs,” team captain Paul Konerko said.

“I think with the amount of young guys we have, you have to throw that into the equation. If we don’t make the playoffs but we do it right and go out and compete well, and you look at the end of the year and (Brent) Morel has had a really good year and (Gordon) Beckham has had a good year and Addison Reed has had a good year, those are all signs that it’s moving in the right direction. That can be, in my mind, a success.”

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Still, Konerko isn’t ready to give up on the entire season just yet.

“I’m not conceding anything,” he said. “In today’s games, there are way too many (playoff) teams, especially now, with an extra wild card spot. There are all kinds of different things that are available to make the playoffs. It seems to be more parody.

“Even in May or June you still sometimes with a team don’t know what you have, so you certainly don’t know what you have on the first day of spring training. I don’t know why there always has to be this declaration on, ‘This is what we’re doing as a team.’ We’re trying to win this year. We’re trying to win this year.”

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