Walter’s Perspective: Race For President Isn’t About Sex

CHICAGO (CBS) — Maybe – my fingers are crossed – maybe now that Arizona and Michigan are done voting in the GOP primary, maybe now the men running for president will move on beyond sex?

There are issues more urgent than sex; like genocide in Syria, violence in Greece, bombs in Baghdad. But the candidates for president are talking about sex and contraception.

Nine million Americans are unemployed, five school children were shot Monday, the national debt is a fright, public education is a disaster, and illegal immigrants are crossing the borders. But the candidates for president of the United States, the most critical position on Earth, are yapping about birth control.

What are they, crazy?

Global warming, cancer, child abuse and obesity, and unaffordable college tuitions; but the candidates, the electorate, and the media are yapping about ultrasounds and abortions.

Are we all crazy?

  • tom sharp

    If only CBS would hire someone to provide commentary who could read and think like normal people. Abortions and right to life debates ARE important election issues to a lot of voters and they are being covered along with the other important issues. Crawl back into the bottle and stop polluting the air waves.

  • zatso

    Ts or BS?

  • linda

    This type of “perspective” from a seasoned reporter is really appalling. I had given you more credit. I could expect this type of ignorance from the general public but a reporter not understanding the issue is disappointing. If your referring to the GOP’s attack of Obama’s HHS mandate, the issue is not about sex or contraception. It’s about 1st amendment rights. As an American you should know that and more importantly appreciate and defend that!!! Your comments add insult to injury to people of faith. Your attacks are not appreciated and merit an apology for their misleading nature.

  • Shirley Weller

    Thannk you. You were right on target this evening! Total health care for women, decided by a task force of men only shouild not be our primary focus in these days of economic stress, emplyment continuing crisis, and continued war. As persons professing the meaning of our faith, we should be wrestling with ALL the issues that dehumanize us and keep us from moving forward as responsible citizens \. Shirley May

  • biggie

    when will this guy just die away already?

  • DanL

    Sadly the republican presidential nominees seem like nothing but a joke. You have one idiot saying that obama wants kids to go to college to have them as his image/some kind of left liberal zombie. And then you have the other two who just like blaming everything and anything on the president. I don’t see why they are acting like this and attacking birth control,heck I bet their wives have used them before,probably still does. The way I see it,it is better to have the pill so you won’t have a baby rather than have an abortion because the female wasn’t able to have a birth control pill. What’s next,talks about,banning condoms? Lemme guess,they kill sperm which are little babies,right? What a joke. Can'[t believe we have these loony toons trying to be president.

  • Steve

    Ran out of ideas, Walter? Thank goodness for the channel changer.

  • Sad Mom and Grandmother

    Mr Jacobson, Is it even remotely possible that kids are shooting kids because there is abosolutely no respect for life? Does this not begin in the womb?
    Abortion is an extremely important issue~every abortion deprives a human being of their right to life. Every abortion sends a message to our young ones that a women has the ‘right’ to end the life of her own baby. Every abortion is a sadistic form of child abuse. Every time a teenage girl or youinger, is handed a birth control pill without her parents’ knowledge are those parents’ rights not being violated? There are side effects from these pills, mentally and physically.
    A young girl can’t obtain a medical procedure without her parents’ consent, but she can be coherced or frightened into an abortion clinc and have a child brutally taken from her without her parents knowiledge. Have you ever researched how many of these teens or younger, grow into women who have turned to alcohol and drugs because they regret what they did so many years before? Yes, the issues you mention are very important, but let’s be honest, our country has become immoral, uncaring and just plain numb. Our young people grow up with the ideas that it’s o.k. to just live for the moment without facing the consequences. But eventually those actions catch up one way or another.

  • Tom Lindeen

    The candidates are being asked these questions by the media. Why doesn’t the media ask about our out -of-control national debt or gas prices or more wasted on algae as a fuel instead of why the stop on drilling and stopping permits on coal burning plants? They want to defer off of our President’s agenda and not put him on the spot. The Liberal media is the blame!

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