Lawsuit: Off-Duty West Chicago Cop Shot At Car In Road Rage Incident

CHICAGO (CBS) — The family of a Cicero teenager is suing in federal court in Chicago, accusing a West Chicago police officer of shooting at their car and wounding him.

As WBBM Newsradio’s David Roe reports, the lawsuit claims the unnamed West Chicago officer opened fire on a car filled with unarmed people in their teens and 20s on Feb. 18, and one of the rounds hit Juan Carlos Ruiz, 17, the Chicago Tribune reported.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s David Roe reports

The suit claims Ruiz and his friends were home down Illinois Route 59 from a party, when their green Honda was sideswiped by a black Jeep the off-duty officer was driving, the Tribune reported.

The officer allegedly chased the young people to the grounds of Fermilab in Batavia, got out of his vehicle, and started shooting at their car, the Tribune reported.

Ruiz survived the shooting and is recovering at home, the newspaper reported.

Plaintiff attorney Richard Dvorak tells the Tribune that the young people did not pose a threat to the officer and were driving away when he chased them and opened fire. He tells the newspaper that he believes the officer was motivated by road rage, rather than enforcement of the law.

The City of West Chicago declined to comment to the Tribune on the lawsuit.

  • billyderwfirecrew

    the cop that did the shooting will be promoted to captin when this is over remenber the BLUE LINE

  • FraternalOrderofFatShooters

    give a sissy a gun and this is what results. Too bad that description fits a lot of cops all over the country. Not all of them, but enough to make life dangerous for real men and women who don’t expect “badge perks.” Like shooting at folks for the hell of it.

    I’ll bet this West Chicago sissy is a racist who was driving drunk at the time.

    • Tayontay

      A racist? Highly doubtful!

  • LaVerne

    I guess I think we are jumping to conclusions before the other side speaks. Is it possible the young people sideswiped the cops vehicle? Does that justify his actions? Of course, not. It is the young people’s attorney saying they did not pose a threat to the cop. They had been partying. I think we should wait to draw conclusions until both sides tell their story.

  • Lexi

    If he is who I think he is, the mother is a racist and likes to hassle Arab-Americans who wear the hijab. He was in the Marines and was wounded in Kuwait. I would keep my distance from him. When the going got tough he kicked his mother out of his home, after she had made his mortgage payments for a year while he was on disability.

  • juju

    This copy should be put away. Guys with a gun like him is why people don’t trust the po-po.

  • Smokey

    Ah…all you self righteous folks who know all the answers. Seems to me there is the possibilty the teens could have sideswiped the officer’s vehicle. The officer “chased” them…sounds like they were fleeing a hit & run (crime). The attorney claims the teens were not a threat…we’ll what did you expect?? The attoney “Believes” it was road rage!!! I’m sure he also “believes” in the Easter Bunny. Note: Attorneys file suite in Federal Court because even if the jury finds for the plaintiff in the amount of only $1.00 the attorney gets ALL his fees paid by taxpayers.

  • ralph3

    science christian monitor is the only paper that reports truth and fact only after protocol/ other paper shame you// hit and run, tried to hide on side road, “we thougth we lost him” why duck. stay on main road call 911? i really don’t think an officer would risk his job and life if he was not threatened// vehicle is a weapon

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