Man Shot And Killed Outside White Castle On South Side

CHICAGO (CBS) — A man was shot and killed in the parking lot of a White Castle restaurant in the Gresham neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

The 22-year-old victim was shot in the parking lot of a White Castle at the corner of 79th Street and Loomis Boulevard at around 12:30 p.m., police said.

The gunman walked up to the victim, shot him in the head, then fled north in a nearby alley, according to police.

Calumet Area Detectives are investigating.

  • Ridiculous!

    Couldn’t be for his money. He was at White Castle!

    • Quentin's Cousin

      You are really freaking stupid, This is my cousin and he was was beautiful young man and you didnt know him.

      • Alabaster White

        Quentin should have gone with a whopper instead of a slider.

      • Taqiyyah

        Quiton is my man and for you people being stupid he was and nice and respectable

    • Bishop Block Gvctg

      mf’s need 2 stop playin wit my manz gucci like dat…he was cool as hell!

  • Spookiest spook

    Bound to die either by burger or brother.

    • THEE Yard Ape

      Wise words, wise words indeed!

  • Quentin Cut The Line Then He Died

    Was Harolds Chicken Shack closed?.

  • Everlearning1

    Some of these comments are very ignorant, and we know you are only doing it because you need attention and like to get people stirred up. How pathetic your life must be, only those who need attention that are adults do these things.
    Oh the turmoil you feel in your mind. Hopefully one night you will get some sleep and not constantly be stuck in front of the computer cause your mind and the voices won’t turn off.

  • L


  • tim rayston

    ya r some ignorant ppl. i don’t even know this young man but fo yall to be joking about is his death is truly pathetic. R.I.P little homie!!!!!

  • native aamerica indian

    channel2 management.block or delete all the racism comments fron ignorant room for negative slangs.right or wrong still we are all need to live and get along to each any type of races or color.there are always some bad apple in any races and color.

  • D.C

    This is a sick ass world when u can;t walk around when u want 2.This was a sick thing 2 do 2 anyone. God bless the family and friends of this young Man rest in Peace.

  • hounddog

    I don’t think that a day has gone by in the last 3-4 weeks where someone in Chicago was not killed by some criminal or gang banger.

  • Strong Mind

    Ignorance is bliss.Its sad an shameful how this youngin take LIFE as a joke. I fault the dead beat Parents.It start @ home.No love,respect,morals.Apples dont fall from frm the tree.Condolences to the family to a son,brother,cousin and father(?).R.I.P…

  • Dave

    Just a mercy killings. Sliders were not greasy enough.

  • kalhoun

    i can stay he was a nice guy but he hanged out with ppl who caused much trouble in the area. It is sad when the kids cant go outside and play. 15 years girl getting hit and killed by ignorante ppl. This mess needs to stop. If the ppl are going to feel safe in their own house it is time for a change in life. Grow up and be productive person to this world.


    This story makes me feel justified that I did the right thing NOT TO HAVE CHILDREN.

    Better to have no children at all than to EVEN ATTEMPT TO RAISE THEM IN THIS WORLD. A world where they would never survive to finish grade school OR high school.

  • thor

    One by one they murder, this will go on untill there is no one left to kill. maybe when that happens, the Mf’er will kill themself . end of story To wish is only to dream

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