Convenience Store Clerk Fatally Shot In Merrillville, Ind.

UPDATED 03/05/12 – 4:41 p.m.

MERILLVILLE, Ind. (CBS) – Police have released surveillance video and the 911 tape from an armed robbery that left a female store clerk dead in Merrillville, Ind.

As CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports, as of 11 a.m., there were still no arrests in connection with the Sunday afternoon robbery inside the Lucky Food Mart, at 5695 Cleveland St. in Merrillville.

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But police did obtain new surveillance video of the horrific robbery and shooting, which took the life of store clerk Judi Simpson-Beaver, 48.

An armed robbers hit the store around 1 p.m. Sunday. In the video, a robber is wearing a mask and a dark hoodie appears, jumping over the counter to steal the cash register.

Behind the counter, which is not visible in the video, Simpson-Beaver was working alone. The robber is seen raising a gun as he shoots her in the chest once, then comes back around to the front door.

But before leaving, police say, the robber went back to finish Simpson-Beaver off. Police said he shot her in the head.

The entire chain of events occurred within two minutes.

As CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker reports, police also released the tape of a 911 call made by a woman who witnessed the shooting.

“We need an ambulance at Lucky Foods on Cleveland and 57th. Someone just robbed the store and the woman inside is bleeding,” the woman told 911 dispatchers.

When asked where the suspect was, she said, “We don’t know, he ran.”

Police said they think the shooting may have been more than just a robbery.

Merrillville Chief of Detectives Jim Lilley said Simpson-Beaver had complied with the robber’s demands, but he killed her anyway, shooting her twice.

Asked if police believe the gunman knew the clerk, Lilley said, “We’re checking all angles right now.”

“Maybe he did know her. That’s one of the angles we want to look at,” he added.

Police said Simpson-Beaver had moved to Indiana six months ago from Texas.

The Lake County Coroner’s office says the Simpson-Beaver died from multiple gunshot wounds.

The hoodie the robber was wearing was marked with text reading “Royal Estoc Empire” with a logo showing a knight’s helmet over three swords.

“Ultimately, he does obtain what appears to be some money from the store, and ultimately shoots the victim several times and then flees,” said Merrillville police Detective Joe Cooper.

Police say after the robber shot Simpson-Beaver, he headed to a getaway car that was parked nearby with possibly two other people inside. The gunman ran a short distance to get to the car, police said.

The car was described as an older model brown Oldsmobile with a discolored hood and a temporary Indiana license plate in the back window.

“Witnesses say there may be three involved. We’re now looking for an older-model brown Oldsmobile that was seen leaving the area right after the incident occurred,” Lilley said. “We’re asking any car dealerships that may have sold anything also please give us a call if they’ve sold any cars matching that description recently.”

CBS 2 also obtained additional video that shows two men walking outside the store, then into the store and finally leaving the store without making a purchase. That video was shot several minutes before the robbery occurred.

“They never made a purchase in the store,” Lilley said. “They walked up to the cashier … and then they walked out of the store. So, kind of suspicious to us.”

Concerned citizens were distributing flyers outside the store Monday, asking the public to help find the gunman.

“It’s senseless, and these animals who killed her, you know, they must be brought to justice,” Dwight Taylor said.

  • Bob Hamilton

    Multiple gunshot wounds raises the possibility that the shooter knew her. The police will catch these junior thug murderers in less than a week.

  • Centurion

    So, how’s that anti violence march working out for Pfleger?

    • Tom

      This was in “INDIANA” idiot!!

      • Centurion

        IT’S OVER THE BORDER FROM THE SOUTHSIDE MORON! And Phflegers little escapade was broadcast in Indian and Wisconsin. Get your facts straight before you open your mouth. Next time, keep your mouth shut and let us think you are stupid, cause once you open it…it removes all doubt!

  • mochajoe

    How many times has that place been robbed over the years? It seems a lot.

  • peace to all

    useless killing.codolences to the family.hope they catch the killer[s].eye for an eye,death penalty if they found the killer[s] guilty.

  • Bert

    They should be checking the apartment complex behind the store. Too much going on their and no one doing anything about it. People who live in their rob there own neighbors. Landlord said, all that matters is that they pay their rent and he ask no questions. Police get with it!!!!!!!!!!

    • THEE Yard Ape

      I’m sure it’s safe to assume the “people” in question are NOT of the caucasian persausion and it’s a section 8 building!!! If there are any law-abiding people in that area, they should burn that building down and hang the fuking landlord!!

      • Jason

        The apartments aren’t section 8 building and to be honest I don’t think they from the apartments I stay in these apartments and never recall seeing them but I’m believe someone from the apartments either set it up or new exactly what was going on. These kids these days have no respect for one another the was no reason at all for them to kill that lady.

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  • lordisgood

    And he that killeth any man shall surely be put to death. Ex. 21.12

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