Paul: No Federal Money For Tornado Victims

ATLANTA (CBS) — U.S. Rep. and Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Texas) says victims of the tornados in downstate Harrisburg and elsewhere in the Midwest and South shouldn’t receive any federal aid, and should instead buy insurance.

On the CNN program “State of the Union,” Paul reiterated his frequent argument against the Federal Emergency Management Agency and federal spending in general.

“Is there a role for federal money in helping all of these citizens get their lives back together?” asked “State of the Union” host Candy Crowley.

“Not really, because there is no such thing as federal money. Federal money is what they steal from the states, and steal from you and me, so there’s no federal money unless you say, ‘Well, they can print it….’ Paul said. “But to say you don’t support federal money doesn’t mean you don’t care about people, because FEMA’s inefficient.”

Paul pointed out that he lives on the Gulf Coast in Texas, and said he “got reelected constantly by criticizing FEMA, because the people who had to “put up with FEMA” became frustrated with its inefficiency.

He said the National Guard at the state level could play a role in dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster, and that residents of areas prone to natural disasters should take responsibility themselves.

“People who live in tornado alley, just as I live in hurricane alley, they should have insurance for doing this,” Paul said on the program.

He said FEMA interferes with law enforcement and volunteer efforts, and called the organization “totally out of control and inefficient.”

Six people died, more than 100 were injured, and dozens of homes and businesses were destroyed in downstate Harrisburg last week. Parts of Indiana and several other states were also hit with severe tornadoes.

  • JeanSC

    Sure, people should have insurance against natural disasters in their locale. Even better, they should have homes built to minimize damage from natural disasters. Yes, it is feasible. But people also need good information about all this, and the income to pay for it. And insurance companies which do cover tornadoes have to make good on their policies. How is a Libertarian approach going to make this happen? Anyway, it’s too late for the tornado victims to buy insurance for lost properties. What could happen, without some government aid in rebuilding, or maybe even with, is some kind of capital loss on their 2012 income tax returns – my guess, since I’m not a tax expert. We’re going to help them on the Federal level one way or another. I’d like to see some legal teeth in FEMA’s excellent but seldom-heeded advice about “safe rooms” in this region.

  • Army Vet,VN

    @Paul, your as bad as obama,he was more interested in a woman who likes to play and wanted free birth control,so obama told her hang in their honey and keep on doing what your good at,but instead he could have called some of the tornado victims and given them some moral support,but they didn’t count in his agenda,the girl could have helped him more in his re-election,shows you what decent Americans are up against.

  • Jim

    I think I’m starting to like Ron Paul.

    • Tim

      He woke me up to ideas of individual liberty and to rely not on the federal government to solve problems.

  • Tim

    It’s refreshing to hear someone say that the federal government isn’t supposed to be there to protect us from cradle to grave. The only way the federal government helps people is by taking money from other people. We were never meant to be dependent on the government. The way this country was set up people were meant to be independent and in times of emergency rely on private insurance, family, friends, church, or charity.

  • the rapture

    Ron Paul – you have money to burn – stop being such an ass

    • Tim

      I know! What an ass! Why doesn’t Paul get the picture that we taxpayers are an insurance provider too? If there’s a disaster, no need for private insurance, we’re glad to foot the bills!

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  • J-Chi

    I agree with Ron Paul. I agree that these Tornandos have been bad but its the residents responsibility to build structures capable of withstanding storms and to have insurance not the governments. We need to stop these hand outs.

    • the rapture

      sure let’s just enable the insurance companies to sell you a ‘tornado policy’ – rape the people for more money just so you have a guard against mother nature – and then – the insurance will refuse to pay because it ‘technically wasn’t a tornado’

      • Tim

        It sounds like you’re more than happy with the federal government raping the taxpayers. The role of government is to enforce contracts with insurance companies not to be an insurance company. If the insurance company refuses to pay then the government should step in and require them to honor their contract. But if you refuse to pay for insurance it’s not their job to say “we feel sorry for you, but no problem, we’ll just force the taxpayers to help you out.” Are you also opposed to private auto insurance and health insurance? You must be the type that thinks the government should take care of us from cradle to grave… and you probably think they’d do a wonderful job.

      • PatriotPete

        what, you don’t BELIEVE in taking responsibility for ANY of your actions???If you decide to move somewhere or go someplace or even walk out your damn house it was your decision to do that and your responsibility to handled ALL of those consequencies that may happen. If there is insurance that you can buy and don’t buy, guess what, you’re a fool if you didn’t buy it and an ass if you think other people should get you out of the mess.

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  • hey y'all


    Then the insurance companies are going to say that the government is overstepping their bounds. Look at the people who live near the Des Plaines(sorry for the spelling) River. They get the insurance, but then the insurance company doesn’t pay out because it was technically not a flood.

    FEMA can deny disaster funds to cities and towns. They denied funds to Lake Township and Middlebury, Ohio when they had tornadoes about two years ago,.

  • michelle

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