Report: Chicago Has 9th Most Speed Traps In Country

CHICAGO (CBS) — You’d be advised to watch your speed when driving through Chicago, because the city has made the list of the top 10 cities with the most speed traps.

As CBS 2’s Kris Habermehl reports, the National Motorists’ Association has conducted a survey of cities and their speed traps. The organization says Houston has the most speed traps, while Chicago comes in at No. 9.

Houston has a total of 373 speed traps, while Chicago came in with 153.

The National Motorists’ Association opposes speed traps, calling their use am example of “corrupt traffic enforcement.”

“A speed trap exists wherever traffic enforcement is focused on extracting revenue from drivers instead of improving safety,” the group says.

The group also maintains a state-by-state listing of speed traps.

A Yahoo/CNBC report complains about the city’s recent push to use red cameras to catch speeders. Gov. Pat Quinn has already approved legislation authorizing the increased use of speed cameras near schools and parks, but the City Council also must approve the plan.

The report claims that some traffic control devices in Chicago are up to 30 years old, and that local politicians control the speed limits and their enforcements on the interstate system – making it difficult to fight a ticket.

  • Pcc

    Most of the so-called speed traps were instances where drivers got tickets for real driving infractions….not coming to a complete stop…failing to stop after yellow has been on for some time causing them to enter intersection on the red….speeding and complaining posted speed is too slow.

    • the rapture

      add to that – does anyone really need to drive at 45 mph and above in and around schools – that is just asking for trouble – I bet these same people floor it backing up out of their garage…

      yea you lead foot

  • tom sharp

    Just wait until Rahm gets his “Red Light Cameras” by all the schools and parks. If they enforce that 25 mph rule to the letter of the law, everyone on Lake Shore Drive will get a ticket by Lincoln Park and Grant Park! We’ll be #1 then!!!!

    • Miguel Rivera

      I recommend Chicago voters that gets tickets from Rahm’s “Red Light Cameras” to post their ticket on a wall. To serve as a reminder, when it come election day. Mayor Emanuel will just serve one term.

  • Me

    One person’s safety is another person’s revenue enhancement. If there is a stop where folks are known to speed and the cops sit there tagging them, you hear an outcry about the cops just wanting t raise revenue…noone thinks about the fact that 90% of traffic is speeding.

  • Jim

    The money should get pooled up and then distributed to lower the areas property taxes. If the police did not make any money on tickets then it would be for safety.

    • Me

      Where do the cops make money from the tickets? The money is paid to the city, county, state general funds, isn’t it?

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