Parents Rip Nick Jr. For ‘Firing’ Moose and Zee

CHICAGO (CBS) — Change is hard, but it appears the new format on one cable network is just too much for many parents and their children to take.

It’s like to Occupy Wall Streeters grew up, had kids and turned their wrath on children’s television.

Parents have taken to Nick Jr.’s Facebook page–or more accurately taken over the Facebook page–ranting about changes in format on Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr.

It seems most of the anger centers on the loss of Moose and Zee–the cute little characters who often appeared between shows, instead of commercials. They were like animated emcees–guiding viewers to the next show or offering a sweet little song or silly joke.

Facebook is lighting up with angry rants.

Here’s one post: “Were is my child’s best friends in the whole entire world, Moose n Zee???? She wud love to hv her friends back.. O n btw she is starting to make new friends on Sprout n untill Moose n Zee r back they may become permenate friends. I love nick jr, but u changed so we will too!! BOYCOTT!!! Thts the word of the day!!”


And another: “WHERE ARE MOOSE AND ZEE!? You can rebrand the channel without getting rid of them. They taught wonderful lessons between shows. Now I just have ads telling me to go to your website?! I’m not at the boycot stage but I really don’t understand. My daughter misses her friends.”

Nick Jr., with the new catchphrase “The Smart Place To Play,” said on its official website: “Nick Jr. has a brand-new look that brings to life an exciting, interactive world that’s as bold, colorful, and imaginative as our shows. Nick Jr. is still the home of the most entertaining and educational programs on television, and we’re highlighting that in new ways that will be fun and enjoyable for your child.”

Now “Boycott Nick Jr.” sites have sprouted across the Internet.

The whole world is watching …

  • Brenda
  • Jerie

    Boycotting Nick Jr until moose a moose is back.

    • cortney

      That mooses voice was obnoxious and annoying and my child never even paid attention to him. Its the shows the children like, my Gosh its not the end of the world people. It is good to teach children early that things change.

      • Jessica B.

        It is also good to teach them that if something is important to you, it is worth fighting for. Moose may have meant nothing to you or your chldren, but he did to many toddlers and preschoolers. No, it’s not the end of the world. But it’s one little thing that was special. Sure, the letters and petitions and calls may not end up changing anything, but it is still worth a try for anyone who cared.

  • Mom

    There are 100’s of eloquently and articulately written posts throughout the Facebook page and throughout the internet, you just chose to pick out the ones that suited your purpose at making the parents who are upset look ignorant and uneducated. How’s that for slanted journalism.

    • Attorney Chris Carr

      Yes but, as a former journalist, I have to point out that the NEWS story is how upset people can get about it. That’s not slanted, that’s the news. Of course most people could care less but no good journalist is going to use the stories about people not caring. Remember, it’s “man bites dog” not the norm or usual outcome. Reporters always find sources that back up the story they are writing. This is not a political debate that needs both sides represented!

    • Jerie

      yes, so true! there are a lot of very well written posts they couldve chosen from. and even if posts are not in perfect grammar, they get the point!!

    • Another mom

      Agreed. There are many well written posts. I agree that it is very slanted journalism. However, I’m happy to see this story. It shows that word is spreading and perhaps Nick Jr. is listening even if they aren’t responding yet.

    • gene

      yeah, exactly….wonder what big time corporate sponsors own this website – oh, yeah – cbs…..hmmm….boycott

    • Jessica B.

      I thought the exact same thing! I was so insulted when I started to read through the article and the chatspeak/textspeak and all caps hit me in the face. There have been plenty of well-reasoned arguments on the site; for instance, if you are going to take a beloved character away from toddlers, please ease them out with some kind of goodbye and transition! Those quotes were picked specifically to make the (parents of) viewers seem uneducated, or because the writer was so lazy he or she picked the first three comments on the top of the page.

  • Me

    Hey… Blog filters….let me post!!!

  • Me

    Moose and Zee have gone the way of the Tele-Tubbies, Barney, Rugrats, etc. I always found them irritating, but the kids loved them.

    I don’t believe my kids have watched NickJr in nearly three years.

  • Jen

    100’s of thousands! Frustrated parents have been commenting every 5 minutes or so for the last 7 days. Intelligent parents who are unhappy to see educational programming replaced with brainless CG commercials.

    • Michelle

      To Courtney, it isn’t the voice, but rather the content/message to which you should be listening. Will you teach your children to “turn off” those with voices you deem annoying? Anyone whose ever seen Moose and Zee know that nothing but positive messages were taught. And, Jen, you are so correct. educational programming on Nick has been swapped out for CG Commercials.

  • Misty V.

    It is not just the new format that has parents and caretakers in an uproar. The fact that our children woke up on March 1st, 2012 (my son’s fourth birthday by the way :( with an entire new format, which had deleted some of our children’s favorite shows and characters, as well as “retiring” Moose and Zee without any previous forewarning what so ever, is certainly one of the top reasons many parents and caretakers are so upset with Nick Jr. Although change can certainly be a good thing, and yes- our children must experience change in society and learn to adapt to change… the changes Nick Jr. made with out even being considerate enough to warn our little ones was unacceptable. The channel that had previously done such a wonderful job of teaching our children educational and even emotional values, had many of our young children confused and in tears and also sent our children the negative message that it is okay to just desert people or things that they value and/or care about. It left many of our babies feeling as if many of the missing shows/characters as well as Moose and Zee, did not care about them any longer. We parents and caretakers were left to clean up the mess Nick Jr. created. I would like to be clear that many of us parents and caretakers most certainly did/do not sit our children in front of the television 24/7 and did not expect Moose and Zee and other programs on Nick Jr. to teach our kids and do the work for us. Rather the old program was special and unique to other programs, and did fit into many of our children’s routines due to the fact that the ‘old’ program allowed us adults to learn, teach, sing, dance and interact so splendidly and uniquely WITH our children! The new Nick Jr. format is much more generic and emotionally distant. There are also long blocks of the same shows, other favorite shows missing all together- and/or on way too late at night. Again a great deal of the educational and EMOTIONAL value has appeared to be lost. It would be awesome if Nick Jr. would teach our children that it is Okay to say you are sorry, and never too late to make things right.

    • Jerie

      well written!!

    • jamilla

      Nick Jr can acre less about children. They have shown that by not responding to upset parents. I say, come on DisneyJr March 23rd.

      • jamilla


    • jm

      “We parents and caretakers were left to clean up the mess Nick Jr. created. ”

      The fact that you are upset that you have to deal with your kids is pretty disgusting and telling.

      ” It would be awesome if Nick Jr. would teach our children that it is Okay to say you are sorry, and never too late to make things right.”

      It would also be awesome if YOU would teach YOUR child than things change, and maybe we don’t always like those changes, but in the end, things will be okay. Oh, but that would be expecting too much of parents and caretakers, right?

      • Misty

        Jim: (I apologize in advance for the length) After I sent that post I too realized that certain areas within it sounded dramatic, and actually, in all honesty, the two very spots you mentioned (especially) stuck out to me as well. I also realized that certain things I wrote could be taken the wrong way. First of all, Nick Jr. is entitled to change their format. As for me, I have three amazing children and am extremely blessed, and I can assure you that although I fail at times, I ‘parent’ wholeheartedly. I love my children to no end– and I never, EVER feel like I “have to deal” with them. Although they rarely watch television, they were allowed to watch Nick Jr. every so often. (I picked Nick Jr. because they loved it & I loved how the channel had educational and emotional tones, and how it also allowed me to interact with them, etc.) Anyhow, I had actually promised my little boy (and daughter) extra television time for his birthday the night previous. They were excited by this (also that morning I was preparing for my son’s fourth birthday party). He and my daughter were upset that morning due to the change. I cannot deny that. (They had both thought I had put on a different channel. He knows his numbers very well and kept on wanting the remote control in order to change it to Nick Jr. Although it was Nick Jr. that I had on). & so yes, they were upset that morning and also on a few other occasions thereafter, when their routine did allow for a little Nick Jr. time. (I would like to add that my husband and I have plenty of educational, play and quality time with them that far far far exceeds the television). & Yes, I was upset– but OF course, not AT them– for them. It did not make me feel like I had to “deal” with them. Perhaps because television IS such a bonus to them & as well, they ARE children– they got unnaturally confused and upset. Their reactions, and because I LOVE my children– did make me peeved at Nick Jr. Again I admit to sounding a little dramatic in my previous post I’ll give you that. But for you to assume I am “disgusting” as a parent or state that it’s as if I’m feeling like I “have to “deal” with my children is far far far off. I am so completely taken with my babies: being a mother is the most rewarding gift and I never take it lightly. Comforting them is one of my absolute favorite things. My children have had to deal (and should learn to deal with my assistance) with plenty of more important and severe changes and worldly issues– and yes, none of these changes– takes the cake :) You are not in my life– you don’t know me. I think just the aspect of promising them something that I couldn’t deliver, with no prior explanation from Nick Jr. had made me extra peeved, and I found myself startled by my own children’s upset. I do still feel however that because it was a television network for young children– that it would have been a good idea for Nick Jr. to at least have given a warning to the children and to the parents. (People over convenience maybe? What about moral ethics?) That was basically my main point with my post. My husband and I of course, teach and counsel my children about change and apologies–every single day actually. It wouldn’t hurt however, for Nick Jr. to admit that maybe a farewell should have been in order previous to the change… especially because like I said, they are a children’s television network. In regards to your latter statement: “teach” was not the right word, you are correct. That is mine and my husbands job and we take it seriously. Maybe ‘ illustrate to them’ or ‘demonstrate to them’ would work better. Can you not agree though, that children do pick up on– whether we like it or not– from other outside influences and experiences? But absolutely, in no way, was it, or is it- the end of the world. Their happy lives have gone on ;) Cortney: Sometimes, even being a full time mother of three I find myself having “me” time ;) I had time right now. My kids are napping…

  • Misty V.

    “Mom…” what you said was perfectly awesome by the way.

  • brenda

    I think Nick Jr. has failed to keep its followers happy. Sad to say we dont enjoy the hour blocks of shows they have to offer during the day. They have had no response to any of the parents. Even if they retire Moose and Zee. They could atleast comment about what is going on. We put the trust in them to give our children good programs and they betrayed us parents by putting on repeats of shows with hardly any educational qualitys. So much for “preschool on TV”.

  • High Gloss & Sauce on Chicago Now

    Since CBS Chicago has featured me in the past and the only two news outlets running this story (at the time of your press) were you and me, I am confident you saw my blog and it would have been professional of you to give me credit.

    • Jen

      Sweetheart, though you may have been the only one snarkily haunting the Nick Jr. boards, there were many of us actively seeking out news outlets to carry this story.

      But really, there are more important things for you to whine … er.. focus on. Unions, emails, bonbons….?

    • Jen

      Sweetheart, though you may have been the only one snarkily haunting the Nick Jr. boards, there were many of us actively seeking out news outlets to carry this story.

      But really, there are more important things for you to whine … er.. focus on. Unions, emails, bonbons….?

    • Mother

      High Gloss & Sauce on Chicago Now: I read your blog. You are entitled to your opinion, but I have to say that it misses the point entirely. Although many (7,511 in fact on one petition at the moment… and I do believe that there is another petition out there) do wish for the return of Moose and Zee and other cartoon favorites… it is also primarily the issue of VALUES that is important to remember here. It is not merely about a missing Moose. Nick Jr. is completely entitled to alter their format. However, it was the way Nick Jr. handled the situation that got many upset. And remember, we are talking about young children here. For the record, no, it absolutely is not the end of the world,… seriously, do you not think many parents know that? But for many children the program and/ or characters (even in small doses) were more than important enough to them. And let’s not forget about special needs children and the how this may have effected them (and their parents). Nick Jr.’s actions did have a negative and confusing effect in plenty of little worlds. Can you really blame parents therefore for targeting Nick Jr. for providing no warning to little ones? (i.e. a professional transition was illustrated when Joe replaced Steve in Blues Clues) It is not like Modern Family decided to go republican. Once again we are talking about many little people out there who did have a relationship (even in small doses) with certain aspects and characters that were included in the old Nick Jr’s format. The way that your blog assumes that the parents who care enough to speak out are: “sad” and basically sit their kids in front of the television all day— as well as the fact that you assume these parents do not read with their children or have other outside activities and quality time is simply… ignorant. Good day to you.

      • Also a mother

        If you took all this initiative and turned off the TV, I’m sure you’d be a great parent. Haven’t you people ever heard of books? Playgrounds? Playing with toys?

        If your kids are so drowned in the damn TV that your lives cannot go on without this little cartoony guy then it is you who has missed the point completely.

      • Cindy

        @Also A Mother: You should really try reading through a comment before replying. Maybe you were the one that was deprived library time because you obviously have reading comprehension problems.

  • Randi

    While I disagree with how they went about it, I think it was time for Nick Jr. to change things up, at least a little. I’ve been watching the channel since my first daughter was born almost 41/2 years ago and the segments/songs have not changed since then (we all have them memorized). Even my daughter has noticed this. I wish they would have used a little creativity to just add some new games/songs/segments to what they already had to make things fresh, but not change the entire branding and way of doing things that our children have all come to love.

  • Stephanie

    If you want to speak of “poor grammar”, let us shed light on how your article lacks closing quotation marks after the first Facebook quote as well as when you quote Nick Jr’s new catchphrase, “The Smart Place to Play”. Just saying! I will also point out you did a great job of sorting through the Facebook messages to find posts that support your viewpoint. There are many people who used proper grammar.

    • John Dodge

      Thanks for noticing the missing quotation marks. The error has been corrected. We also have removed the sentence about poor grammar. Upon reflection, it was mean-spirited and unnecessary. –CBS CHICAGO

  • Michelle

    cruel… and the programming just stinks now. I have two-year old twins, so the network lost double audience from our household.

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  • Brett

    I was all frothy that they never made more Jack’s Big Music Show. I wonder if the parents or our kids who get more upset.

    Either way, I’m really happy Team Umizoomi now occupies the 7a-8a slot. My kids need to up their math game, not their whatever that bear show is supposed to be teaching. :-)

    So… maybe they’ll bring Moose and Zee back for cameos, but experience teaches we’ll get over it. In the meantime, I’m sure Nina and Star will appreciate the additional viewers. That Nina can tell some stories in the sand, yo!

  • Ericha

    I was upset when Noggin went off the air but i was happy that they incorporated shows and characters from Noggin into Nick Jr. Now they have taken Moose and Zee off which my son grew up with on Noggin and that my daughter was growing up with on Nick Jr. It is sad to see a beloved icon go but it would have been nice if there was a little bit of warning. Plus I agree that the programming is not as good as it was before the change.

  • Jenn

    My daughter is loving SPROUT now a days. If Moose & Zee are gone, so is Nick from my house.

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  • Bruce

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE MOOSE! I work as a County Deputy Sheriff Correctional Officer and my son is so relaxed for me when I return home from my shift. After a challenging days work of dealing with elements of society who are more apt and prone to cause harm over a bar of soap I need help to relax and unwind. I make it my worthwhile to give my wife a break by watching THE MOOSE with my pride and joy! I usually multi task by playing with my son and eating a hearty meal. THE MOOSE relaxes both of us! The removal of THE MOOSE is a TRAVESTY! Someone PLEASE contact President Obama! I am going to have a petition drive for my fellow correctional officers! THE MOOSE MUST RETURN!

    • cortney

      I have never been happier not having to listen to that Mooses annoying voice and his terrible singing…Yahoooooo hes gone. Please let him stay gone.

  • cortney

    Reading these posts are pathetic, how many times can that cartoon moose sing the same songs the same way, every day, all gosh its like brain washing. I think it is time for some new characters and new material. By the way Yo Gabba Gabba is bizzare and they should take that show off like yesterday..

  • April Padilla

    Please bring back Moose and Zee and why are the other shows on at 1:00 a..m. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!!!

  • regina

    Why would you remove something that was teaching children to get along with others be aware of differences learn safety in today’s world so many children have no one to teach values, safety, and prepare them for school. Yeah you needed some new material but that shouldn’t have been too difficult the characters were established a few trips to the story board and some new educational material could easily appeared on the show, instead you completely destroy something good for both children and a few good lessons for adults.

    • Mew

      You should be the one teaching your kids to get along with others, be aware of differences, etc. That should never be left up to a bunch of cartoon animals. I can not believe so many people are so angry at the changes. Things change all the time. Shows get canceled or moved to new times constantly. If you really expected Nick Jr. to stay exactly the same for all eternity there is something really wrong with you. Use this as a chance to teach your child how to handle changes they may not like, instead of joining so many in setting a bad example by getting up in arms, foaming at the mouth for some cartoon moose and bird to be put back on the air.

  • Jackie


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  • Michelle

    My son has no interest in Nick Jr. now. He became excited about Moose and Zee at the age of 1. He had no interest in TV, maybe a cartoon now and then, until one morning my husband awoke with our son at 5:30AM. He put on Nick Jr. and our son went crazy over Moose and Zee! I would keep the TV on during the day ONLY so my son could see Moose and Zee. He loved puzzle time. Now the programming sucks. We had to turn to Disney. If Moose and Zee come back, and Nick Jr. returns to the previous evening programming, I will come back. My son does miss Moose and Zee, as well as the nightime shows he loved to watch prior to bedtime stories.

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