(WSCR) Last week, during the MIT Sloan Sports Analytic Conference, ESPN contributor Bill Simmons and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban were engaged in a one-on-one, hour-long discussion ranging on a variety of NBA topics.

One topic that came up was the infamous “Kiss Cam.”

“Man, I really like the Kiss Cam,” Simmons said, according to reports.

To which Cuban responded: “I know you do. … You and your boyfriend do it every day.”

The comment was later edited out of ESPN’s podcast of the discussion.

Later, Cuban released an apology on his blog for his comments.

This past week I did an interview at a sports conference. It was a 1 on 1 sit down. During the conversation the topic of the Kisscam at sporting events came up . The interviewer mentioned it and commented “I like the Kiss Cam,” In response to the interviewer comment, I said “That’s because you and your boyfriend are always on it.”

Totally sophomoric. I quickly realized that the comment wasn’t appropriate, so I added “”Or his girlfriend, this is gender-independent commentary.”

I made a mistake in making the comment. I wasn’t trying to be hurtful. It wasn’t a comment on anyone’s sexuality. It was just me trying to be funny. It wasn’t. I quickly realized it and tried to fix it. I hoped at the time I didn’t offend anyone.

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