CHICAGO (CBS) — The school zone speed cameras that Chicago is talking about are not in yet, but a picture of Mayor Rahm Emanuel is in, and it looks like old-style insider Chicago politics.

According to an investigation by the Chicago Tribune, the speed cameras the mayor is planning could make a fortune for Greg Goldner, his former campaign manager and political organizer who raised nearly $1 million to elect Emanuel pals to the City Council.

Goldner is in business with the company that supplies the city’s red light cameras and could have the inside track to supplying speed cameras.

In the vernacular of a good ol’ Chicago politician, Goldner says there’s no connection between money for a mayor and money for cameras. An apparent connection, he says, and a mayoral spokesperson says it’s coincidental.

The mayor himself says only that a new contract for cameras will be transparent, but he’s not releasing what are supposed to be public records about speed camera talks.

Rahm Emanuel, mister mayor transparent? Seems to me like Emanuel, mister mayor opaque.

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