Walter’s Perspective: The Shame Of Illinois Is Our Shame

CHICAGO (CBS) – How famous we are tonight: the great state of Illinois, the only state, the only electorate, that can say we have two former governors in prison at the same time.

This won’t happen, but just imagine George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich in the same cell.

“Yo, Rod,” says George. “C’mon in. So they got you, the same as me: bribery and extortion, that bleepin’ stuff we do, like everybody in politics. I mean, what the bleep? The only thing difference between us and the rest — and you shouldna done it, Rod — was try to sell that Obama Senate seat. Too many people knew what you were doing.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m a dummy. Fourteen years in this joint! Lucky you, George, only six and half.”

And so it goes in the great state of Illinois, once famous for gangsters, the bad guy Al Capone. Then famous for the good guys, Michael Jordan and the Bulls.

Now again famous for bad guys -– the corrupt politicians elected to public office.

And whose fault is it? The place to look for that is in a mirror.

  • Don

    Dear Walter…Look in the mirror all you want. My conscience is clear I voted for the other guy.

  • German Leprechaun

    I didn’t vote for him, either. Stick it, Walter!!

  • Sam Schultz

    The Shame of Illinois? Blago and Ryan? Yeah sure Walter because everyone in this country thinks Illinois had the most ethical and up right politics until our last two govenors. They only got caught doing what all of the other elected Illinois officials do every day when they show up for work – if they even show up for work, The Shame of Illinois is that we have some of the highest gas prices, employment rates, and taxes in the country.

  • Toonces

    Looks like a bunch of dead people that voted twice for this clown should look in the mirror; oh wait; the dead don’t have a reflection.

  • Sickened

    Walter, you and your fellow news media voted for these clowns and try to manipulate the public to do the same. With you guys and the rigged electronic voting machines, Mike Madigan with his daughter Lisa investigating any politician that doesn’t vote his way, Democrats will have a stranglehold on IL for a long time.

  • fred

    Walter, why did you news media guys shoot down Poshard even though he was a Democrat? Was it because he was a downstate conservative? Was it because no big city newsperson could live with a hick as governor? Was it because Ryan was intimately involved with the back room guys calling the shots?

    I never voted for Ryan or Blago. They didn’t pass the smell test. But I’ll tell ya Walt, it takes guts to look in the mirror when you wake up with a hangover.

  • tom sharp

    All we are given from the major parties are crooks and idiots. I voted Green during the last election because of that fact, but that doesn’t help. Term limits of one would rid us of the Madigans, Cullertons, Jacksons, and Crosses. Those are the people who control who runs for what position. Sickened and several others above are right–the media presents these “options” as if we have a real choice to make, when in reality it’s just trying to find the lesser of two evils. Right now where you live in Lincoln Park, Madigan, Jesse White , and the 43rd Ward people are still backing Smith for the 10th legislative District in the primary in spite of the fact he was just arrested for taking bribes. The other guy, Swiss, is a Republican who changed parties. Who are you voting for?

  • Reb Biker

    The real shame of Illinois is that it’s the only State that denies its citizens the right to defend themselves. Now, THAT’s shameful!

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