Metra Train Fatally Strikes Person Near Arlington Heights

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, Ill. (STMW) — Outbound trains on the Metra Union Pacific Northwest Line are stopped near northwest suburban Arlington Heights due to a train fatally striking a pedestrian there Friday afternoon.

Train No. 631, which left the downtown Ogilvie Transportation Center about 4:45 p.m., struck the person about 30 minutes later near the northwest suburban Arlington Heights station, Metra spokesman Michael Gillis said. It was not scheduled to stop there, but remains there as the accident is investigated.

It had been scheduled to arrive at McHenry at 6:02 p.m.

The No. 631 is expected to be delayed up to 90 minutes, the Metra website said, and several other trains — Nos. 635, 629, 633, are stopped behind it. Inbound trains No. 654, 656, and 660 are also delayed up to 45 minutes due to the accident.

Gillis did not know the age or gender of the person killed.

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  • Money Talks, Laws Walk

    Metracide or murder? Depends on if the train left the tracks and chased this person down or if the person was in front of a moving vehicle that has no steering wheel. Either way my thought go out to the engineer, first responders and naturally the thousands of people packed in these cattle cars unable to get out and get home to start thair weekend.

  • German Leprechaun

    Sheesh, stay off the freakin’ tracks!! If you have to kill yourself, do it in the privacy of your own home where you won’t inconvenience hundreds and cause a total scene!!!

  • Robert Pines

    Does the media ever think
    1. Why wasn’t the train video camera paid for by the tax-payers not seized “immediately”by OUR cops and is being taken off the train by the RAILROAD?
    2. Where is the railroad guy/gal going with that train event recorder with the train speed, lights, horns, brakes, etc…recorded?
    3. Why is that railroad worker taking that box out of the signal house?
    4. Why is that train crew not being tested for drugs/alcohol?
    5. Where is the track video linked to the trains to compensate for the sight distance the train can’t compensate for and get stopped?
    6. Why under the trains there 100s of square feet to have better braking and there is not?
    7. Why there is little fencing along tracks and no lookout towers along the tracks?
    8. Why train stations don’t have gates to open AFTER the train stops so people won’t fall on the tracks?
    9. Why trains go 50/6070/ mph through train stations/towns and they don’t through railyards?
    10. Why RR keep out signs are MILES apart in many places?
    11. Why their had to be witnesses and never are against the railroad and our cops use railroads hear-say?
    12. Why the railroad is allowed around the crime scene at all?
    13. Why the railroads get to self-investigate and Jeffrey Dohmer wasn’t allowed to?
    14. Where the equipment the railroad removes after killing/ injuring someone goes?
    15. Why we are paying the Federal Railroad Administration and the Federal Transit Administration millions and they never show up unless the media attention is beyond local level and the railroad needs a good cover story?
    16. How the NTSB /FRA never finds fault with the railroads.
    And on the phoney Operation Lifesaver/Officer on the Train stings ticketing everything in sight.
    1. Why nothing is ever mentioned about any of the above?
    2. Why nothing is mentioned about blind crossings?
    3. Why nothing is mentioned about the missing signals at blind crossings?
    4. Why the so-called Operation Lifesaver people are all ex-railroad or work for the state DOTs?
    5. Why that train is just sitting there forcing the crossing signals to work DARING people to cross?
    6. Why OLI never mentions train speeds which are set too high through populated areas?
    7. Why OLI never mentions the highly toxic cargos of these train bombs going too fast?
    8. How in the world the police can ticket the drivers for stopping behind the gate and not at the stripe on the street which is supposed to be 50 feet from the tracks?
    9. Or if the driver needs to stop 50 feet away why isn’t the gate 50 feet away from the tracks?
    10. Why the railroads crossing signals fail Federal road standards that a signal has to give the drivers time to obey?
    11. That the no green light(safe to proceed) and no yellow light (proceed with caution) on the decades old crossing equipment design are completely missing and the drivers are ticketed when the red comes on right in their face and they can’t possible stop?
    12. That the other 364 days a year the railroads do nothing to keep away people from the tracks and just on the day with media attention they become dirty rotten trespassers with un-Constitional high fines?

  • Kit

    This person was our nephew. I wish people would think before they say something. His Grandpa died Wed. 3/14. I also understand what the engineer goes through because my uncle drove for 40 years and had to retire because of things like this. My uncle drove for Metra and the milwaukee road, but after so many years of things like this he had to leave. my hearts goes out to the train crew, but my heart also goes to my husband who lost his dad wed and his nephew fri.

    • Liz


      I am so sorry for your loss. People often don’t think before they post and I really wish they would understand what they say is immorally hurtful. I am 18 years old and a senior at Buffalo Grove High school. Unfortunately, the incident of your nephew has not been the first this year in our town. In fact, we have lost at least 5 high schoolers in our district within the past year alone to suicide..It’s such a tragedy. While some people choose to be insensitive I have chosen to fight back. I have been working to launch a suicide awareness campaign this year within my school and district. I have co-founded an event called Hurricane of Hope to take place on May 5th at Forest View Educational Center in Arlington Heights from 12-3pm and all are welcome. I urge you to ignore these ruthless comments because their are many people in this world that understand the pain and heartache of losing a loved one to suicide. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. Take Care.

  • Amy

    I’m so sorry, Kit. I was at the train station minutes after this happened (I was taking a walk with my son on the way to meet my husband at the train) and I have thought about your nephew all weekend. Although I didn’t know him and don’t know any of you, I couldn’t stop thinking about him and your family. I hope everyone is doing ok and I’ve been sending positive thoughts your way.

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