Alleged Homer Glen Cockfighting Trainers Face Three Years In Prison

HOMER GLEN, Ill. (STMW) – A pair of Joliet men face up to three years in prison after Will County prosecutors charged them with grooming many roosters for cockfighting in Homer Glen.

Ramiro Marin, 50, and Gerardo Ortiz, 32, are charged with illegally using animals in entertainment and conspiracy to commit animal torture. They appeared via video Wednesday in front of Circuit Court Judge Marzell Richardson, who set their bail at $15,000 each.

Marin, who asked for a public defender, seemed to have trouble understanding the judge through the video hook-up. Chuck Bretz, the Joliet defense attorney representing Ortiz, declined to comment after his client’s hearing, but he told the judge Ortiz has a wife and four young children. He’s lived in the Joliet area for 15 years, Bretz said, and jail records show he’s a musician.

Each man appeared to have family in the courtroom, but they chose not to speak to a reporter.

Will County Animal Control on Tuesday confiscated 75 roosters that seemed to be groomed for cockfighting at a farm at 14600 Bruce Road.

LeRoy Schild, the county’s animal control administrator, said he had to euthanize the animals because they’d been fed steroids.

Police found no evidence that the roosters had been forced to fight at the rural site, but Schild said the roosters’ claws and combs had been removed, suggesting they’d been groomed for fighting.

The remaining animals on the property — including hens, chicks, horses, goats and dogs — will be monitored by Will County Animal Control, Schild said. And Richardson told Marin and Ortiz they must surrender any roosters that haven’t already been confiscated to Schild’s department 24 hours after they bond out of jail. The men are expected back in court April 4.

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  • slippery

    sounds like an illegal alien ! can you imagine how better this country will be when they are all deported

    • Roberta Waker

      Unfortunately deportation will never happen because our elected officials are stupid enough to think they wil keep them in office after they give them amnesty and they can vote legally. They will vote their own into office, run our country into the ground, get rid of Congress and the Constitution; all thanks to the ACLU and our elected representatives. And, oh yes, the language of this country will be SPANISH.

  • German Leprechaun

    Hell, everybody I know in Homer Glen lives in a $1-million-plus house!!!

    • Roberta Waker

      @German. Not everyone lives in $1+ million homes in Homer Glen. On Bruce Road there are smaller “farms” that look somewhat shabby. Bail was set way too low for these guys anyway; they will probably come up with the required $1500 and go back to Mexico, at least until the heat cools down. If Marin can’t understand the judge, the taxpayers will pay for an interpreter for him. I agree with slippery that he sounds like an illegal alien and should be deported. We don’t need any more illegal criminals in this country.

      • German Leprechaun

        But everyone I KNOW there lives in a million-dollar house. That’s what counts!!!

    • LYNDIA

      is it your house, poor mf

    • German Leprechaun

      My simian friend!!! I really miss your scintillating comments!!!!! LOL

  • bls

    That would be a dream come true. Also include the anchor babies.

  • THEE Yard Ape

    Stupid beans hurting their very own national birds of mexico.

    • German Leprechaun

      I thought the pigeon was the national bird of may-hee-co!!!

  • fred

    This is an example of multiculturalism.

  • Al Jackson

    they don’t need to follow the rules it’s part of their culture just like selling food ILLEGALLY on the street corners.These two will never face jail because the courts suck and the will flee.

  • john d

    America is founded on the principles within the Christian Bible. That every person is endowed with unalienable rights that can not be taken by our government.

    In Deuteronomy 4:15-19 states: For your own good, be extremely careful– not to act corruptly and make an idol for yourselves in the shape of any figure, a male or female form, or the form of any beast on earth, or of any winged creature that flies over the earth, or any creature that crawls on the ground, or any fish in the waters under the earth, when you look at the heavens and see the sun, moon and stars do not be led astray to worship these things. The Lord has provided hem for all people everywhere.
    And this my friends means animals are for people to use for their personal gain regardless of what that use is and it is NOT within the constitutional authority of nor is it the purpose of our government to protect and/or worship animals by awarding “rights” to animals.

    The vast majority of Americans do not want to destroy America but the supporters of UN Agenda 21 and the new world order, one world socialist government do. It is therefore very easy to identify those people that either unknowingly based on ignorance or with full knowledge of what they’re doing actually support the effort to force the policies of UN Agenda 21 onto America by bringing up the animal rights issue that forces these people to choose constitutional rights of Americans or trampling the Constitution using the excuse of protecting animals.

    Thank you,

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