Voters: Political Robocalls Won’t Stop

CHICAGO (CBS) — A local man says he turned his phone off Monday, after literally getting political robocalls every couple minutes.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports, many others tell similar stories. Some people have said the sheer volume of calls is astonishing and annoying.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Mike Krauser reports

“It shows a lack of consideration on the part of the candidates,” said John Evans of Chicago.

And the content of the robocalls is sometimes vicious. In one frequently-quoted example, an robocall in favor of Rick Santorum call says in part: “(Mitt) Romney supports open homosexuality in the military, the appointment of homosexual judges, and the ENDA law, making it illegal to fire a man who wears a dress and high heels to work, even if he’s your kid’s teacher.”

When it comes to the volume of calls, Evans says he has about had it. He voted on the second day of Early Voting, and doesn’t understand why the calls have continued.

“It was after I voted that I got bombarded with these calls, which makes absolutely no sense at all,” Evans said.

Evans is looking for a solution.

“What kind of way is there to get these robocalls to stop, and number two, what kind of recourse do I have if robocalls continue?” Evans said.

Unfortunately, the answer is not what Evans wants to hear. Political calls are exempt from the Do-Not-Call List.

There is a political do-not-call list compiled by, but it does not have the force of law.

  • Me

    Of course Politico are exempt from the do-not-call list. Politicians make sure the laws passed are aimed at citizens, not the rulers.

    My problem with the calls, was that my wife wouldn’t answer the phone because she didn’t recognize the number calling when displayed on the caller ID.

  • Ridiculous

    Makes you not want to vote for any of them. If they feel they have to stoop to mudslinging, do we REALLY want them in office representing us?

  • montclareresident

    This is what the voter wants and responds to. If robo-calls were ineffective then campaigns would not use them. The next time you complain about the mudslinging or all the robo-calls, remember that you have no one to blame, except yourself. The voter gets what the voter wants. Just like you get the government that you deserve.

  • crooked politicians give us a bad name

    Post every candidate that uses the Robo-call and vote against that candidate. Once you get the call the first time, make a note of the candidate, vote against him and disconnect your phones at home. I received a few of them on my cell phone and I don’t even bother to listen to them I pick up and hang up.

  • Diane Horning

    And get the email address of the candidate’s campaign office and inform them you will not be voting for them.

  • B

    Why must we be subjected to this harassment. I am sooooooooo sick of these people.

  • John Bosanac

    They created a Federal do not call list, to stop the harassing telemarketer’s yet at election time we get harassing robot calls for politicians and judges who we never heard of. I feel they should be included on the Do Not call List laws.

    • German Leprechaun

      They sure should be, but they’re exempt — along with consumer and political survey calls, and calls from any company with which you already do business.

  • Toonces

    I just picked upn the receiver and dropped it back down.

  • Toonces

    I just picked up the receiver and dropped it back down.

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