Pet Owners Worried About Squirrel Poison Traps On North Side

CHICAGO (CBS) — Pet stores and veterinarians on the North Side are sending out a warning: someone is putting squirrel poison where dogs can get it, and it has killed some dogs already.

CBS 2’s Pamela Jones reports the squirrel poison looks much like rat poison, but is a different color.

People simply out walking their dogs are running across a deadly danger, without even realizing it.

Someone has been placing poison pellets right where pets can eat them and it has dog owners on guard.

“I’m just horrified by this. I mean i take my dog out in my neighborhood all the time,” one pet owner said.

Pet store owners say the stuff has led to the deaths of at least three dogs on the north side in the last month.

Rogers Bark Pet Salon owner Marie Winkeler said when she learned about it, “I thought it was tragic.”

One dog owner said her pet got so sick, the dog had to be euthanized Sunday. She came to Rogers Bark Pet Salon to tell her story.

“She came in very upset that her dog had died the previous day, because he ingested something, and the vet said it was squirrel poison,” Winkeler said.

And she says unsuspecting dogs and cats can mistake squirrel poison for the perfect treat.

“That’s the difference between squirrel poison and rat poison, is they use more food substance in the squirrel poison,” Winkeler said.

People in the 1800 hundred block of West Chase say they’ve seen the poison – and it’s turning up near Touhy and Clark, too.

A lot of dog lovers in the area are just hearing about it.

One man out walking his dog Wednesday said, “I just can’t believe it. It’s horrible.”

At Rogers Bark, they’re using Facebook and other social media to make sure they spread the word about the danger to keep pets safe.

“We’re trying to keep the information out there,” Winkeler said.

The poison can stop your pet’s blood from clotting within 36 to 72 hours – and they basically bleed out, from the inside. The symptoms include coughing up blood, fever, or loss of consciousness.

  • THEE Yard Ape

    I hope they catch this sick fuker, and place a bullet between his eyes!!!

    • anne

      what the hell why are they even poisoning squirrels they cause no harm,doesnt the city have more problems with rats

      • THEE Yard Ape

        EXACTLY!!! The city has enough problems with “animals” on the south & west sides, leave the d@ mn squirrels alone!!!!

  • Q

    If I see you putting it on the ground you will eat all of it.

  • stumpy

    If I see anyone putting this #@$ on the ground, I will tear their arms off and shove this @#$% in their mouth. Enjoy your little treat!!

  • Just Axin

    Hey Lyndia, want a snack?

  • G-Lep

    Looks like it’d make a tasty burger!

    • Toonces

      I thought it was pink slime.

      • Jim

        Pink slime is the active ingredient of the poison.

  • Toonces

    Pretty nasty to feed that to a squirrel, too.

    • Pat Frederickson

      Seriously! Why would anyone want to kill squirrels?

  • Tom

    It’s the squirrels that are putting out this “squirrel poison” themselves because they’re sick of the dogs chasing them up the trees.

  • KK

    If you see your pet ingest this, take him to a vet right away. He can be treated for rodenticide toxicity very successfully if caught early.

  • Just Axin

    If Lyndia gets ahold of it, you treat her with more pellets.

  • Faith is Organic

    I see crazy old ladies feeding the squirrels and birds in Uptown and instead they’re attracting rats. My dogs have eaten the rotten food these people throw onto the grass and have been to the vet multiples times. Cops need to stop people from putting food out for wild animals.

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  • Casey

    keep your mutts on a leash.
    it was probably someone upset about all the inconsider a-holes who don’t pick up after their dogs.
    thanks for the suggestion, I think I’ll go buy a bag today.

    • Nancy Solomon

      You’re a jerk.

  • inhuman

    Why are you trying to kill squirrels anyway? What if someone came and poisoned your azz? You people are sick in the head and have no respect for life. Do yourselves a favor, if you don’t love life take yourself out the game!

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  • Nancy Solomon

    There is no 1800 West Chase on the Touhy Park side of Clark, so it’s probably the 1700 block. I thought squirrel poison was illegal in Chicago. Did I make that up? Heard it was also around the 6300 block of Paulina. But that could be a rumor. Someone’s at least thoughtless and at most crazy.

  • Bill

    I had a squirrel nest in my garage two summers ago. I called our cities animal control department and they told me squirrels are protected by state wildlife laws and it against the law to poison or harm a squirrel. There is an Illinois squirrel hunting season which requires a licience. So my question is why is squirrel poison even available. These people are felons and nedd to be caught soon.

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  • Marilyn

    I’d like to see the culprit caught & dangled from a tree in that neighborhood…. with peanut butter spread on his bare feet. Squirrels love it!

  • Steve

    If i catch anyone laying anything down, I WILL KILL YOU!! SERIOUSLY! my dog is very ill and the vet is unsure of what it is. I am waiting for blood test results. IF MY DOG DIES I WILL GO HUNTING FOR ANYONE WHO LOOKS LIKE THEY ARE PUTTING SOMETHING DOWN. CASEY YOUR ARE A COMPLETE A-HOLE AND AT THE TOP OF MY LIST. YOU BETTER HOPE I NEVER FIND OUT WHO U ARE. All animals have the right to live. EVEN RATS! there is no reason to kill any animal. if you want to rid your area of rats then keep the streets clean. pick up your garbage. and NEVER leave food out. There are no rats around my house even though they are in the neighborhood. I am a very clean person. Stop trying to kill things and fix it the proper way. if there is no food or shelter the rats will move on. I am sick of people and the way they treat fellow species on this planet. We humans are so selfish. I accept my responsibility and i have contributed to the problem but i am also trying to be a part of the solution. We only have one planet and we are not the only species here. PLEASE DO NOT RISK

    • Steve

      the lives of animals for your selfish comfort.

    • Steve

      Animals lives for your personal comfort.

      • Casey

        You have only yourself to blame if your dogs die.
        If you walked them on a leash and with a muzzle on, they would not be able to eat anything laid on the ground.
        Plus sounds like your dogs are poorly trained if they will just eat anything off the ground.
        I call this a form of Darwinism, nature weeding out the stupid.

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