No Bond For Suspect In Shooting Of Chicago Cop

Updated 03/22/12 – 5:48 p.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) — A judge has denied bond for a 20-year-old man charged with shooting and trying to kill a Chicago Police officer earlier this week in the South Chicago neighborhood.

Paris Sadler, of the 8400 block of South Kingston Avenue, was charged Wednesday night with attempted murder of a police officer, attempted murder with a firearm and aggravated battery with a firearm. Sadler is accused of shooting South Chicago District tactical officer Del Pearson in the chest during a chase a block away from Sadler’s home on Monday.

CBS 2’s Mike Puccinelli reports Sadler was denied bond at a hearing on Thursday.

Pearson, 47, survived the shooting despite being shot just above his protective vest and losing nearly two-thirds of his blood, and police said he owes his life to two of his quick-thinking colleagues.

Pearson was shot in the chest Monday night while chasing a suspect into an alley in the 8500 block of South Kingston Avenue.

“Officer Pearson was in grave danger of dying on Monday evening,” police Supt. Garry McCarthy said. “In fact, the doctors told us that he had lost two-thirds of his blood in his body.”

Pearson has been with the department for eight years. He and his partner were trying to stop and talk with four curfew violators in the 8500 block of South Kingston Avenue around 10:40 p.m. Monday, when one of them fled into an alley.

According to court documents, Sadler was walking with three other men when police pulled up to talk to them. The other three men with Sadler stopped and put up their hands, but Sadler grabbed his waistband and fled and Pearson chased him toward the corner of 85th and Kingston.

Pearson warned his fellow officers that Sadler had a gun and ordered Sadler to drop the weapon, but Sadler fled into an alley, according to court documents.

Sadler then ran into a vacant lot and onto the porch of a friend’s house at 8430 S. Kingston Av. and tried to get inside. He shouted at his friend to let him in, and tried to reach around the security bars to open the door himself, but could not and his friend refused to let him in, court records state.

While Sadler was on the porch, Pearson caught up with him, and Sadler shot him twice, once in the shoulder and once in his protective vest. The bullet that struck him in the shoulder severed a main artery and lodged in his neck, near his spine.

Sadler then fled the scene as Pearson fired shots at him.

Prosecutors said after Sadler shot Pearson, he ran home and hid the .38-caliber handgun he had used in a hole in the wall behind a bathtub in his basement, then removed his clothes. But police quickly tracked him to his home and found both the gun and the shirt he was wearing when he allegedly shot Pearson.

Police also recovered a bullet from Pearson’s protective vest.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Roberts reports

“We have significant evidence. We have significant ballistics evidence. We have significant statements, that all play into the charging of this particular individual,” Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Wednesday. “It’s a very, very, very solid case.”

Police said he has posted numerous Facebook photos and messages associating himself with the street gang known as the Every Body Killers.

On his Facebook profile, he goes by the name “Pistol P.”

McCarthy had a message for Sadler’s fellow gang members.

“For those guys, we’re coming. That’s what it boils down to: we’re coming,” McCarthy said. “And as far as the rest of them are concerned, the answer is real simple: put down the guns, because we’re not going to tolerate this behavior.”

CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports in announcing the charges, McCarthy also thanked the quick thinking of two fellow tactical officers for saving Pearson’s life.

chicago police officer del pearson 0320 No Bond For Suspect In Shooting Of Chicago Cop

Chicago Police Officer Del Pearson was critically injured when he was shot in the chest while chasing a suspect in the South Chicago neighborhood on March 19, 2012. (Credit: Chicago Police)

The officers didn’t wait for an ambulance. Instead, they put him in their squad car and raced him to a hospital themselves.

“He looked very pale, and he was covered in wet blood. And I immediately said there is no way he can wait for an ambulance,” said Officer Christopher Kapa, who was driving the squad car. “So I said, ‘Officer Lund, help me get him in the back seat,’ we pulled him into the back seat of my unmarked squad, and took off for the hospital.”

Officer Kirsten Lund was in the back seat with Pearson, trying to keep him awake and conscious, and letting him know what was happening.

Pearson survived a seven-hour surgery at Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn. But police said his prognosis was good and he was interacting with his family at the hospital on Wednesday, and was reportedly joking with colleagues.

Although the bullet had lodged near his spine, sources said Pearson was able to move all his extremities and was responding to his family’s voices.

McCarthy was with Pearson’s family Wednesday night, and said they couldn’t be happier that he is doing well, and that the alleged shooter has been charged.

  • Just Axin

    This is the face of the mutt coward that shot that cop. I hope the city has some evidence that will stick. Can’t wait for his kin to talk about what a good boy he is. Say goodbye, you m f er.

  • Reb Biker

    I’m sure he’s innocent. By the looks of him, he was probably home that night, studying for an exam the following morning.

  • Northside

    Thank goodness the officer is doing much better.if,the perpetrator is the right person,then he deserve the fullest due justice.

  • Just Axin

    G-Lep: Don’t forget sampler 4oz (not 40oz!) of their favorite malt so they can wash down those flamin hots.

    • G-Lep

      LOL that’s perfect!!! Important to be SENNN-sitive to local customs. Glad to see you’re adjustin’ to my new screen name.

      • Just Axin

        Not adjusting, just tolerating….hoping that you’re just going thru a rebellious stage.

  • Centurion

    McCarthy is warning the EVERYBODY KILLERS to put your guns down..we won’t tolerate this. It would probably carry more weigh if he said…OPEN FIRE ON THE EBK. THATS RIGHT..OPEN FIRE! Next thing ya know…there are no every body killers. They would all be killed. Think of it…everybody got killed in EVERYBODY KILLERS. NO MORE GANG!

    The EBK will retaliate.

  • G-Lep

    “Paris… that’s a purdy name fer a city boy like you….”

    • THEE Yard Ape

      Pistol P on FB. Who is responsible for teaching these simians computer skillz???

      • G-Lep

        Man, FB profiles don’t git mo’ ghetto than dat!!

      • G-Lep

        I’m gonna “friend” him. I wanna be his token White friend!!

      • James

        bill gates.

  • Alabaster White

    Every Body Killers???

    Not EVERY BODY….just THEIR ENTIRE RACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Homes

      You must work for the law offices of Cool Clux and Clan

      and i bet your daddy is Red Kneck
      and yo mama is Whitney Trashy

  • southside

    My boy Paris didn’t do nothin’. He’s a good boy; he was on his way home from medical school…

  • David

    yep i can see it now, my boy is a good boy, he wont shot no 1, jest axe anyone, we want justice, bring in sharpton, no he bees in florida today

  • kulin

    its always south side or west side man whats wrong with this

  • David

    I always thought -RE-NIG, was shift change at the car wash.

  • THEE Yard Ape
  • malcom

    I wish they would give the same effort when citzens get shot ,

  • Just the Average Joe

    Just asking? Do we even have enough jail cells for all these thugs? I mean really, it seems like we have somebody like Paris in the news almost daily. Maybe we just need to barb wire the south side.

    • justplainoleinfo

      hey just the average jack as? joe we all know the northside violence is rarely reported to keep their lily property values up but if there is a serial killer alert they will know where to start their search….i hope they dont profile you Lol

  • enjoy1

    hope the cop is ok

  • justplainoleinfo

    hey just jack as? joe we all know the northside violence is rarely reported to keep their lily property values up but if there is a serial killer alert they will know where to start their search….i hope they dont profile you Lol

  • Mr

    Can’t we all get along??!!?

  • foesho

    A young handsome black man who instead choose a life behind bars getting knocked up. Sad, sad, and more sad.

  • foesho

    His parents should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!

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