Police: Man Threw Baby Into Air, Cursed At Officer

CHICAGO (CBS) — A Southwest Side man faces misdemeanor charges after police say he threw his baby into the air.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports, police tell the Chicago Tribune that Ahmad Boyd, 22, was sitting on the front of parked car in the street at Quincy Street and Lavergne Avenue in the South Austin neighborhood around 6:45 p.m. Saturday. He was holding his 13-month-old son in his arms.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Regine Schlesinger reports

Police came by, and asked Boyd to move to the sidewalk for the baby’s safety. Police say Boyd got angry, and told the officers, “This is my baby and I can do whatever the hell I want with him,” the Tribune reported.

When the officers got out of their squad car, Boyd still refused to move to the sidewalk and told an officer, “f**k you, bitch,” before throwing the child into midair for someone he didn’t know to catch, police told the Tribune.

The baby was not hurt.

Police tell the Tribune Boyd ran off, and police used a Taser on him after he ran through traffic. He was treated and released from Loretto Hospital, the newspaper reported.

Boyd, of the 7200 block of South Albany Avenue, now stands charged with misdemeanor endangering the life and health of a child, obstruction of traffic and resisting a peace officer, the Tribune reports.

  • Fizzle

    Rediculous! Is this not America we live in? Maybe not the safest place to sit with a Child, But after the Officer asked him to move and he chose not to, that should be his right! This is a FREE Country. This Man should be released with no charges immediately.

    • http://tracyschillaci.wordpress.com tracyschillaci

      Yes this is America and there is no constitutional right to put an infant in harms way.

      The police have the right to insist you move to an area designated for pedestrians. Not to mention the child ALSO has rights.

      To bad the child has no guarantee that it won’t have a stupid parent that cares more about his rep than common sense.

    • OLD VET


      • Just Axin

        Fizz- I don’t think cops want to show us how to parent. They know they have better things to do. And why does it matter if you’re a white woman? You looking for a hookup?

      • Fizzle

        I never said it was right to throw a baby. Obviously this man had no respect for authority. I totally agree this person should not have been in the street. My dad had the police called on him for driving a riding lawn mower with his 3 year old grandaughter on his leg. I just dont want the police to think they know how to parent our Children better than us. sitting on a car in the street is not wise. I am a white woman.

  • Just Axin

    Fizz- There’s more to it. You’re dealing with the life of a brother, so there’s always going to be drama, chaos and lawbreaking involved. Can’t you figure out his state of mind from his reaction to the police? You or I might have said, “but officer, what am I doing wrong by hanging out and bonding with my beloved child in the street?” But of course, you can’t tell a brother that they’re doing something inappropriate so expect a response like so. I guess we should be grateful that a young black man was spending time with his shorty.

    • What is Wrong with PEOPLE!

      Fizzle & Just Axin- You are both idiots! You ever hear of a thing called “endangering the saftey of a child”???? Ask a DCFS worker.

      • Just Axin

        WWWP- You’re the idiot. I agreed that the police should have stepped in. Did you not read the comments, you clown? And judging by the way DCFS works, I wouldn’t ask them sh!t.

  • a parent

    with parents like him it`s no wonder why there`s NO parental guidance in a child`s life,it`s hard work doing the right thing by your child so he or she can grow up right ,the politicians or police officials won`t say it but they know why
    there`s so much crime and hate in a certain community,or why there are so many overwhelming numbers of minorites in ALL of the jails and institutions all over America,NO PARENTAL GUIDANCE FOLKS !!!!!! Thats the answer not more police or more govt envolment in family life.
    Work hard and guide your child sorry but it`s TRUE!!!!!

  • LOSE THAT RACE CARD! We're NOT impressed.

    Ahmad is a complete a**hole. Is THAT how he treats his son? “He can do anything with him he wants to”? AND THEN THROWS A BABY????? AND YOU’RE DEFENDING HIM????? This DOESN’T HAVE A THING TO DO WITH “BLACK” It has evertything to do with THE SAFETY OF THE BABY!!!! Qutie playing the RACE CARD!!! He was in the WRONG!!!! I feel sorry for the child. With a FATHER LIKE THAT he’ll have a great life for sure! He’s NOT entitled to endanger his baby because he’s BLACK you MORONS!!!

    • Just Axin

      Race Card- No one is looking to impress you. The reality is that a white father, if told by the police to correct their behavior, would never throw his baby, mouth off to the cop and say “f you b tch”, run away and get tazed. Crazy sh!t like that is only caused by black ghetto lawbreakers. If you’d like, we can set up tours of the hood for a little “edumacation”….for a nominal fee, of course.

      • More Idiots

        I know plenty white men who are losers as parents. Another reply to the above, “out-of-wedlock kids, unemployment, criminal tendencies, poor diets and early death. Not to mention, your lives are filled with chaos and conflict, your constant need for attention, etc.” – I have a sister who is all of the above and SURPRISE she’s WHITE!

    • Jim

      Tell that to the negros!

    • Leroy Goldberg

      Of course it has everything to do with BLACK. You all know how to make babies you just don’t know how to CARE for those babies.

      You all have UNPROTECTED sex and collect those WELFARE checks and care little for anything else.

  • can you say NI**ER?

    that’s what “AHMAD” is acting like!

  • Michelle

    I have heard enough I am going on a news free strike for the next two weeks. People are crazy. Enough is enough. I’m Out.

  • UH-HUH!!

    I is gwine stand in da street wit no regard for nuthin’ I don give a f*** if my welfare baby be in danger. Da cars can drive ‘roun’ me if dey don like it.

    • Just Axin

      Lyndia- Is that really you…?

  • bobhamiltonchicago

    I don’t understand how that is not a felony. I understand that the guy got his as s beaten much better than reported.

  • Hamburglar

    Sounds like an amazing father.

  • buttons

    This story is about a father who threw his baby in the air and was arrested. Since when does his race play in to this? Good grief…no wonder we can’t get along. There are far too many ignorant idiots in this world.

    • Just Axin

      The races will never get along, so get used to it. Blacks can’t get along with whites or hispanics. Wonder who the problem is here….

    • THEE Yard Ape

      TOO many ni @@ ers in this world. Race has everything to do with this !!!! Go fuk yourself buttons!!!

  • marc(proud black man)

    Yup, too bad most whites are too cowardly to do it!

    • More Idiots

      Yeah, the white man is such a coward to NOT throw his kid up in the air, towards a stranger and hope they catch??
      Not all black men would do such a thing, it’s not always color!

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