Third Lake Forest High School Student Killed By Train

Updated 03/26/12 – 6:10 p.m.

LAKE FOREST, Ill. (CBS) — The Lake Forest community was reeling Monday, after three Lake Forest High School students were killed by Metra trains in the past three months, all apparent suicides.

The most recent happened Sunday morning, when 18-year-old Edward Schutt was killed on the Metra tracks along the 700 block of South Sheridan Road.

As WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports, the body of Edward Schutt, 18, was found early Sunday just south of Old Elm Road. Police were notified just after 7 a.m. Sunday, the Sun-Times Media Wire reported.

“I guessed it was another suicide,” said Richard Hodgdon – a recent high school grad who saw police responding to the scene.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bernie Tafoya reports

Before Schutt’s death, two other teens were killed by Metra trains in Lake Forest. Only one has been officially ruled a suicide, authorities said all three appear to be suicides.

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports on efforts to end the trend.

Farid Hussain, 15, was hit and killed by a Union Pacific North Line train on the morning of Jan. 9 at Deer Path Road, just north of the Lake Forest station. His death was later ruled a suicide.

On Feb. 28, William Laskero-Teskoski was killed by a Metra train in the 1400 block of North Western Avenue in Lake Forest. No official ruling has yet been made on whether the death was a suicide or accident.

Schutt’s close friend Michael Lown said, “I can’t imagine. … I spent a lot of last night thinking, just trying to comprehend that last split second.”

Although police would not discuss certain details of the case due to the victims’ age, authorities said evidence at the scene of each death made it appear each of them intentionally stepped in front of a moving train.

“We haven’t found anything to link the three together,” said Lake Forest Deputy Police Chief Glenn Burmeister. “We’re bringing in an outside professional to assess the situation.”

Schutt was the son of Lake Forest College president Stephen Schutt, was a senior at Lake Forest High School, where he made the honor roll as a junior.

Hussain and Laskero-Teskowski were also Lake Forest High students.

“I don’t know what it is that needs to change but something does,” Lown said. “I don’t think people understand what effect they have on one another. That’s a lot of the driving force behind this.”

In a note to students, Lake Forest High School Principal Jay Hoffman said, “It is with indescribable sorrow that I am writing once again to inform you of the loss of one of our students. “

In the note, Hoffman described Schutt as talented and bright.

The school is on spring break. Security officers asked reporters to leave when they arrived Monday. However, before this last incident, the community formed a task force offering counseling and more in the light of the deaths.

It’s a taboo topic, forced upon Lake Forest three times in three months, all along the Metra line. Counselors will be on hand at Lake Forest High School when students return from spring break.

  • Just Axin

    So, are these kids just not paying attention or not liking this life?

  • Kwitster

    Ah actually the train didn’t kill him. He killed himself. the train can’t stop or turn.

  • James

    They need help in Lake Forest.

  • Dan Rakow

    There should be MORE Police Presences in Lake Forest along Metra Union Pacific North Line in order to put a END of Teens hanging around Railroad Property.

  • Concerned

    All of these comments are incredibly insensitive and rude. It is clear that these poor boys were dealing with the stresses that life brings us and they did the unthinkable. Do not get on here and be cruel, these are human lives, they were a good friend, a brother, a son and are missed by many. To say they need “help” in Lake Forest or that it “goes to prove being a rich kid does not make you smart” are comments that are for ignorant people. Let’s be kind to one another, you may not realize how your words can affect a person.

    • Kwitster

      No the problem is people like you. Children these days are sheltered by their parents to much and coddled. Children become teen agers and can’t handle basic stresses of life unless it’s in a video game somewhere (worst thing ever invented)!!!!!

  • Susan

    Let’s make an official call for the end of IGNORANCE. Ignorant comments, like many of those above, are likely the reason a bright, talented, affluent and good looking 18year old would even conceive of taking his own life.
    Nobody knows what is another’s truth, you know only your own reality. Let’s not project our assumptions, and instead find compassion for those who are suffering, asnwell as those who have suffered, remember always that what you say and what you do has an impact on those around you, as well as the world you live in.
    Do you choose to negate, or do you choose to contribute? Or do you choose to stay silent…..
    I implore all those who are impacted by this tragedy to please, put an end to ignorance.

  • Lora

    My heart goes out to the families of these teens. If someone feels that life is hopeless, they may see suicide as the only option. They are not thinking rationally or reasonably, and are not thinking about how their actions will impact others. Our son has been struggling with depression for the last year. “There, but for the grace of God, go I.”

  • Katie

    I can’t believe some of the ignorant comments I have read on here, made by individuals too afraid to even use their own names. Eddie was a good person with a kind soul, it shouldn’t matter the amount he had in the his bank account. You are all being inconsiderate and rude when you don’t realize the effects your comments have on the other who are reading this, like his family and friends. Would you be saying these same things if it was your brother or sister or friend who had committed suicide?

  • Concerned

    TJ,, I think you have made your point. Unfortunately, it’s people like you who are relentless about getting a point across. Let’s not forget the big picture here… 3 boys have died and we should be considerate of them, their loved ones that are mourning, and a community that is shaken. Please be kind with your words.

  • LF student

    A couple years ago, two seniors at Lake Forest Academy (the private high school in the town where I attended) were hit by a train in West Lake Forest. One was killed, the other seriously injured. The boy who died was from South Korea, and the oldest son in his family. Although the surviving student made it very clear that it was a horrific accident and not a suicide, the grief and sorrow that LFHS is suffering now were the same. The community came together and grieved as one, and honored his memory by being happy. He was known for his beautiful and constant smile. There is a patio outside the dorm he lived in, bearing a quote from him: “I’m always smiling because I never have anything to be sad about.”

    The reason those two were walking along the tracks is because the tracks run directly from West Lake Forest (the McDonald’s, Sushi Kushi, etc) to right outside the school. And there is no bridge over the tracks anywhere along those tracks, nor the other set of tracks in East Lake Forest. Lake Forest should really consider both putting in a bridge and fencing off the tracks so that kids don’t think that it is a good shortcut. Most kids at the academy have stopped walking along the tracks as a shortcut.

    Unfortunately, this would not prevent the suicides. What the school needs to prevent those is a better and more involved counseling program.

  • Rr

    I personally think Lake Forest has a suicide problem. I have worked in town for many many years and i could say that alot of the teenagers there lack their parents attention. Im not saying that its the parents fault….But sometimes we need to pay more attention to our children and leave business and pleasure aside. Some parents dont even know who their children are. My prayers go out to LFHS and families.

  • Rr

    have worked in town for many many years and i could say that alot of the teenagers there lack their parents attention. Im not saying that its the parents fault….But sometimes we need to pay more attention to our children and leave business and pleasure aside. Some parents dont even know who their children are. My prayers go out to LFHS and families.

  • Annie

    Lora — Our son has also been struggling with severe depression this past year, and my thought was the same as yours. Ed Schutt could have been ANY one of our sons. I thank God for every day we’re able to keep my son on emotionally even — and alive.

  • ellen

    Seriously,the only really important lesson to get from all this is that most suicides can be prevented.We need to do a school wide screening of all the students to find out who is “at risk”…those suffering(many silently) from depression,bulling,sexual orientation issues,family and peer pressures etc…Then they need kindness,medication and help.Most teens are very impulsive and are unaware that their problems are or can be temporary if treated.
    We are an organization that can help teach the warning signs of suicide using an evidence based program in the classrooms…the number of lives it has saved is amazing.
    Instead of being the problem,be part of the solution.
    Our name is Elyssa’s Mission(
    We would love to hear from you and would love to have you be a part of the work we do!!
    That includes you,TJ,Annie and Katie…and all…
    In the meantime,having lost a dear friend to suicide,my heart goes out to those left behind…

  • Lily

    This is very tragic. I am so sorry for everyone involved. I don’t think there is a way to commit suicide that does not harm someone else, but people in this state of mind are not capable of considering the pain their actions cause others.

    Walking in front of trains happens everywhere. People of all ages do it. The poor engineer not only has to see and be unable to stop, but he also has to suffer suspension and take a drug test and go through a bunch of official stuff that is totally not his fault. And, just think of the trauma of watching it happen.

    My heart goes out to the parents, who loved their boy and will always miss him. To his friends, keep him in your hearts, but remember that tomorrow can be better. Please do not make this tragic choice.

  • JasonUVA

    Very sad. Condolences to the families and friends of these young people.

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