March From Chicago To Crete Protests Immigration Detention Center

CHICAGO (CBS) — About 50 immigration rights activists are staging a 48-hour walk from Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood to far south suburban Crete. Their purpose: to protest a proposed immigration detention center.

The marchers range in age from youngsters to people in their 60s.  One woman pushed a toddler in a stroller Friday night.  Some hoisted signs reading “Dignity, not deportation,” “Money for college, not detention,” and “No more cages.”

Not all are from Hispanic immigrant families.  Kathy is a long-time Crete resident who says Village President Michael Einhorn has betrayed the community.

LISTEN: WBBM Newsradio’s Bob Roberts reports

“We have trusted him up until now and that’s why he’s been re-elected,” she said during a stop outside of the Cook County Criminal Courts complex.  “We’re not sure after this how much we trust him.”

Einhorn has said that Crete stands to benefit financially from construction of the facility.

Immigration activists say they see the detention center as a prison without due process.

Rozalinda Borcila, an organizer with the Moratorium on Deportations Campaign, said she expected a more comprehensive approach to immigration.

“Immigrant rights activists have been asking for immigration reform and instead we’ve received immigrant detention reform and that’s not what we’ve been asking the Obama administration to consider,” she said.

Other opponents from the Crete area, including Anthony Rayson of Monee, say it would destroy the fabric of a 180-year-old community.

“We’re not Menard.  We’re not Pinckneyville.  This is not Tamms.  Crete is a legitimate farm community,” he said.  “It’s one year older than Chicago. We’re not desperate.  We’re not dying for money.”

To date, the village has not signed a formal contract with the Corrections Corp. of America, the private prison operator that would build and manage the facility for the federal Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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  • zeeb

    We are facing an overpoplulation. The USA does not need any more illegal immigrants or their pro-amnesty marchers. Put USA Citizens to work by removing the illegal aliens now. More facts:

    • Roberta Waker

      Zeeb. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t know what part of “ILLEGAL” our representatives don’t understand. If you didn’t come here legally, you are an illegal criminal and should be deported. They take our jobs, bankrupt our hospitals, break our backs to support them with free medical, education, housing, food stamps and even Social Security in some cases. If the economy was good, we could speed up the process to make them all legal, but it isn’t . Come here the right way or stay home. I’m tired of reading Spanish on everything when our language is ENGLISH.

  • Wiseguy

    I give him credit as all the Illegal aliens from mexico need to go back where they came from and stop sucking our country dry from all the benifits they steal from USA citizens….

  • K

    Only in America can illegal immigrants march for more illegals.Haven,t we had enough of mexicos ethnic cleansing program.

  • Enrico Martinez Gonzalez Sanchito

    Why is it so difficult for these people to understand? It’s not about what they want. It’s about what the American people want. WE DO NOT WANT LOW LIFE, BEAN EATING, SH!T, ILLEGAL MEXICANS HERE! They want dignity rather than deportation. The moment they stepped foot in this country illegally, they became criminals, fugitives from justice. And they talk about dignity? Disgusting! They talk about comprehensive immigration reform? That is AMNESTY, plain and simple! The American people don’t want them to have amnesty, they want the vermin deported, period! What part of,’WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH JOBS TO GO AROUND”, don’t they understand? Do they really think the American people want to pay for their kid’s education? I sure as hell don’t. When they go to the emergency room and receive free treatment, where the hell do they think that money comes from? The time has come for comprehensive mass deportation on a massive scale.

    • Zonie

      go to hell you are a uneducated low person.

      • Enrico Martinez Gonzalez Sanchito

        HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!! If there’s one thing I do know about and that is sh!t ball illegal Mexicans.

      • madashell

        To whom do you refer.

    • madashell

      “WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH JOBS TO GO AROUND”, don’t they understand? ”

      The reason we don’t have enough jobs is because the free trade agreements that our elected officials negotiated so our factories could go to third world countries for cheap labor and lack of environmental laws. Mexico has our factories but they are able to pay wages lower than our minimum wage and the CEO pockets the difference. SOOOO they come here for service jobs we won’t do and yes suck our educational and medical system dry.

      • Enrico Martinez Gonzalez Sanchito

        It’s not true that Americans don’t want to work service oriented jobs. The unemployment rate for teens right out of highschool is at historic highs. The entry level jobs that teens seek are being worked by a bunch of illegal sh!t Mexicans, and it is pathetic that our goverment allows it!

      • Roberta Waker

        madashell. These illegals are working high paying construction jobs, some are working illegally at our airports in service jobs, hotels, landscaping, etc. These illegals aren’t only working jobs “that Americans don’t want” – they are working jobs Americans can’t get. Time to wake up and send them ALL home. They don’t want to come here legally, they steal our IDs, drive without licenses or insurance, send most of the money they make back to Mexico, get free education, free medical care that we pay for with our taxes and can’t afford for our own families. AND, they won’t learn ENGLISH!!!

      • Enrico Martinez Gonzalez Sanchito

        @madashell, No problem. Painters, drywall installers, roofers, laborers, factory workers, dish washers, bus people, truck drivers, landscapers, road crews, auto mechanics, glaziers, building maitenance, and the list goes on and on. Was that of any help?

      • madashell

        Please list what type of jobs you are talking about so That I might understand better.

      • madashell

        As I said Enrico most factories left, Why do you think detroit is having such a tough time. Factory line workers who were laid off could never maintain a the standard of living working as a dishwasher, or someone busing tables in a restaurant. I hear from some young people today that friends they know would never be caught washing dishes. They are to busy “clubbing” and expect everything handed to them. Auto mechanics, roofers and construction are what we call the trades and don’t they need apprenticeships? Again it is the ceos of the corporation hiring non-trade or nonunion workers and pocketing the difference because I have not seen a reduction in prices of anything lately.

  • THEE Yard Ape

    More minorities and white-guilt-liberals marching. I can only hope it’s over the edge of a cliff.

    • madashell

      To whom do you refer as a white guilt liberal? If it is I , I am damn mad that the decent factory jobs are gone. They paid more into the tax base than service sector jobs. Those jobs gave my neighbors a decent standard of living and kept my city functioning as long as the politicians were stealing any of it!!!!

  • Zonie

    people that write racist & ugly things about other people have a small brain the size of a peanut. See a counselor for a fix.

    • Moody


  • Wacky water weasel

    Illegal is illegal and there’s no argument about it. Secure our borders now !

  • K

    I would like to see these people,30 million illegal aliens strong all sneak back into mexico. Then apply to enter as Europeans,Asians,Africans and others have to in order to enter America.

  • malcom

    Back in the 60’s ted ‘the drunk” kennedy and the democrats passed legislation to limit WHITE immigration and allow more people from africa and asia to come to America. Liberals who clearly suffer from self hatred decided America is TOO WHITE. Since then America has been in decline and not to mention the White race will be the minority soon. We now import poverty, diseases and laziness from third world countries. Is anyone suprised? Now we have people who think its a right to just come in without any rules. What’s next criminals protesting because there are jails and prison?

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  • Moody


  • RWG

    Illegals that come here are fed, given assistance for housing and health care. Now they want money for college. I paid for my college education as well as one of that of one of my sons. My youngest son was killed by an illegal from Eduadore who never had a drivers license and owned two vehicles. When are the people in this country going to wake up and start by getting Obama out of office.

  • Esteban Burgoa

    Every year more than 10,000,000 people who work and contribute financially to our nation in a positive way for progress, are losing about five billion dollars in unclaimed tax dollars that they pay to our federal government. We need to clarify the facts with facts not ignorance with out facts. 1) immigrants can not and do not have any Federal help by any means, it is the other way around we take their taxes and give them back nothing. We as Americans are the one benefiting on their despair of taxpayers without benefits. 2) what would happen to our economy if we remove 10 million people at once..make it an exodus and the acquisitive power of this consumers will reflect in a falling economic at once, just look around in the malls, hospitals, concerts, restaurants. Many people will suffer as well since they are consuming and using products from the manufacturing factories and farms down to the retail and commercial business not to mention hospitals,schools least between 5 to ten people benefit of their annual income not to mention the retail tax pay to our counties across America. Remember this and never forget immigrants help our economy because when they go back home the money they live behind goes to our social security benefits and our citizens grab the benefits left behind by them….speak loud and strong against a social issue but lets do the research and put it on the table and lets make a wise decision in public policy to benefit our nation not our own personal ego of prejudice and racial profiling. We are a nation of immigrants not human rights law breakers…thou should love your neighbor..lets all try to be happy and help move our nation forward with love not hate. Please speak your rights to freedom of speech with facts not just because someone has an interest in politics can come along and brain wash you and corrupt your mind. We are already the capital of corruption here in Chicago…so lets do something to stop the abuse of taxpayers money by corrupted politicians who are stealing by the billions your pocket book..enjoy life and be happy in our great nation..

  • K

    30 million illegal aliens have snuck into America because of mexicos ethnic cleansing program. Here they have jobs and welfare at the same time. They can be here 25 or 30 years and refuse to learn English. They demand that their children be taught in spanish only to make sure their children don,t learn English.Since these people are such a seditious group why dont they go back to mexico.

    • justiceinamerica

      K since you know so much about social services can you explain to me how you came to a conclusion that 30 millions people are in welfare and how can you back up your findings? are they true and real or fabricated by someone with a big mouth with no facts..I really want to see the reality not the fantasy of prejudice and racial profiling..

  • justoiceinamerica

    it truly amazed to see and hear all this messages about Mexicans, pretty much i note in this post the negativity goes to Mexicans and no other nation is mentioned..Like Poland, China, Brasil or Central American. You guys see one hispanic and in your mind the person is Mexican. Once again your heart is fill with some sore of unhappiness because the way you put humans down makes me believe you are a prejudice against Mexican and passin down mis information..My name is Esteban Burgoa and I challange all of those against human rights or an immigration reform to a debate in an open forum to once and for all put the record straight about Immigrants..if you believe all these bad things against them , then prove it with facts not just an open tounge fill with poisen and neglegence to dehuminized the children of God..before you open your mouth to dirt people make a research where your parents came from or immigrated? do a genetic tree research on you before putting judgement against innocent people. When some generalized one group of people to harras, intimidate even if is verbally is a crime against their right to privacy. Freedom is something we earned by facts and love for your today here you heard it..I challenge any group that is anti-immigrant as so you call the children of God to an open debate yto discuss with facts the reality of the immigration reform is it right or wrong? i am an American and love my nation but when I see injustices without a fact, it tells me the person speaking has no education and may not know much about the issue..but one thing I do know your heart is fill up with hatred just because the way you post with negativity and with no knowledge of the facts and issues..I can only say go to church and get close to God, sing for a better world for all of us. Esteban Burgoa,

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