Jackson: ‘Occupy’ Peotone To Bring 3rd Airport

CHICAGO (STMW) — The Rev. Jesse Jackson on Saturday called for the site of a proposed third area airport in Peotone to be the focus of an “Occupy” protest in order to bring attention to the need for the airport.

Jackson said the construction of the airport, which has been championed by his son, U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., will bring an immediate 17,000 jobs to the area.

“We’re getting ready to occupy the Peotone airport,” he told the crowd at the Saturday Morning Forum at Rainbow-PUSH headquarters on the South Side. “We must make the site of Peotone a site of protest.”

Ministers from the South Side and south suburbs who support construction of the airport are planning a “ceremonial groundbreaking” and blessing of the land at the proposed airport site on April 21.

Representatives from the Occupy Chicago movement were on hand at the PUSH forum Saturday morning. A discussion with them and Rev. Jackson touched on Occupy Chicago’s efforts in the areas of immigration, labor issues, prison reform, the Chicago Public Schools, and the escalating costs of higher education.

Andy Manos, of Occupy Chicago’s Labor Committee, told Jackson that Occupy will be focusing on the possible contract showdown between the Chicago Teachers’ Union and CPS. He noted that Occupy has moved from demonstrations in parks, for instance, to workplaces.

Jackson also said Rainbow PUSH is starting a legal defense fund for the family of Howard Morgan, the ex-Chicago Police Officer who was shot 28 times by Chicago Police officers during a 2005 traffic stop. Morgan was sentenced Thursday to 40 years in prison for attempted murder.

Morgan, a former Chicago Police officer, was working as an officer for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Line in 2005 when he was shot by the officers, who said Morgan opened fired when they tried to arrest him. He was in the hospital for seven months.

In 2007, a jury acquitted Morgan of aggravated battery and discharging a weapon at a police officer, but deadlocked on four charges of attempted murder. Prosecutors retried the case and in January a second jury found Morgan guilty on the attempted murder counts.

Morgan’s cause has drawn the attention of a number of groups, including Occupy Chicago, in part because he is black and the four officers who shot him are white.

Jackson tied Morgan’s case to the Trayvon Martin shooting, saying that, ”Trayvon is the book cover, but the book is full of pages.” Jackson said, “The four officers who shot Howard Morgan are free, the man who got shot is in jail.” Tying this to the fatal shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, Jackson said that Martin is dead, while the man who shot him has not been arrested.

Noting that Morgan was a former Chicago police officer, Jackson said if he could be shot by police, then “none of us are safe.” Jackson added, “one of the simple messages about Easter is you don’t have to be guilty to be crucified.”

Tavis Grant, National Field Director for Rainbow PUSH, said, “We’re going to fight for (Morgan’s family, who were in attendance at PUSH Saturday) until Howard Morgan comes home.”

Jackson also called on those who would protest Martin’s shooting to make sure they are registered to vote. He said no one would be shot for wearing a hooded sweatshirt, which is what Martin was when he was shot, but if they are not also registered to vote, they “are being hoodwinked.”

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  • madashell

    “Immediate jobs” for construction. When it its done and the airline industries do not utilize it then our tax dollars will be used to keep it functioning. Wouldn’t it be preferable/prudent to use a smaller proportion of tax dollars to help the already existing/functioning airports?

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  • Ken

    Keep Crook County out of Peotone.

  • Cynic

    Typical ‘Occupy’ drum beating….multiple messages mushed into a single statement, that the majority of Americans do not want.

    There is a 3rd airport…Rockford. Ship the extra cargo traffic out there. Straight down 39 to I-80…or east on I-90 and get downtown faster than from Peotone.

  • WillCountyRules

    List of airlines asking for a 3rd airport? None! What is Bult Field? A functioning airport in the footprint for the 3rd airport! How much to buy him out?
    Jesse: Black on black gun violence? How about ‘occupy’ that!!
    Turn off the cameras and the Jacksons disapperar!!

  • jram

    Just wondering. Do the Jacksons, their family members and/or friends; Rainbow Push and/or their associates own the land or parcels of land thereof on which the “Peotone” airport is to be be built???????????

    • Mish

      Some property was purchased in blind trusts so it’s not obvious who owns what. Nobody makes this much noise about a project for this long unless they will profit from it somehow.

  • CAH

    The Peotone Airport and those pushing it bears NO resemblance to the Occupy Movement. Instead, the Peotone Airport stands for greed, wasteful spending, government bullying, and throwing people out of their homes for no good reason. Jesse–You have tried to paint yourself as standing for the down-trodden; the victims. You are on the wrong side!

  • madashell

    Maybe Jesse and Jr want the airport to be close to the proposed immigration detention center (crete) so they can arrest, transport and get rid of their minority counterparts without interference!!!!! (sarcasm)
    (reality) If the world resources are dwindling then retaining farm land to feed people is what it needs to remain. Keeping farm land close to a metro area is essential to reduce prices of goods. The farther it is shipped the more it costs especially in todays economy where fuel costs are high and our leader Osama-binladen won’t take the necessary steps to help the people who elected him.

    • madashell

      Goodness I meant Obama-binladen!

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  • Tommy

    We do NOT need another airport. We are nowhere near capacity at the two airports that we have and the third airport does NOT serve any notable population that is needed to be served by a third airport. The Jackson family are corrupt.

    What we need is an investigation in to why Jesse Jackson was not sent to prison with Jeff Fort of the Black P Stone Nation when Jeff Fort had to testify before the US Congress and Jeff Fort was found to have co-mingled funds with his gang. Jesse Jackson and the Democratic Party were instrumental in bringing the funds to the Black P Stone Nation and they knew that Jeff Fort was in charge of the monies. How did Jesse Jackson skate on the trial and jail time? Everyone wants to know. Lets not forget that when Jeff Fort was in prison he became a Muslim and started the El Rukins… the biggest gang in the USA. More information on Jesse Jackson and Jeff Fort can be seen on COMCAST Cable, the video series Gangs, the video Chicago Street Gangs.

  • Malcom

    BOYCOTT all businesses that support liberals, democrats and afffirmitive action.! beat them at their own games. Put them out of work

  • Moderate Spaulding!

    I thought the blueprints for the third airport had been buried in a landfill underneath Sega Dreamcasts, palm pilots, VHS tapes, jewel cases, and disposable diapers.

    That thing is history. Seriously, there should’ve been runways and terminals two years ago.

  • louie

    Sounds like a money grab for the jackson family and only them

  • James

    Typical blacks. They don’t get what they want because it is not right and they protest. That’s how they make their money. Protesting and playing the race card. Vote out obama and take a stand!

    • THEE Yard Ape

      @James – well said sir!!!

  • BD

    Who is going to occupy the place, Jackson mistresses?

    • G-Lep

      That would be a roomful — or, perhaps in this case, a field-full!!

  • saywhat3

    This Peotone thing is going to Jesse Jr a cell next to Blago.

  • Silver

    Stupid Occupy Movement people follow False Gods.

  • Just the Average Joe

    If we needed the airport that would be fine, but we don’t. Citizens in Chicago have Midway, O’Hare, and they can take Amtrack to Milwaukee. These things are extremely expensive to build and operate, and I have yet to hear of even one airline calling for anther airport, and they pay a big part of the cost to operate these facilities. We don’t need to build this for a jobs project. Jesse is wrong on this issue, and it is not a racial consideration, it is strictly need and money, both of which are in short supply.

    • G-Lep


  • G-Lep

    Go to the airlines! They know what the hell sells and what doesn’t. What do they need – or not need? WillCountyRules asked it first — then, 5 or 6 others asked it as well!! Listen to BUSINESS and what it has to say. God Almighty, do these fukkers have their head up their butts?!

    • Ken

      Yes they do !

  • NWA

    Why I gots to be worrying about no airoplanes when all I gots to do is swing from a tree!


  • Mish

    Another opportunity for the cameras….Jesse Jr. had to call in Daddy to support his “aiport”? Leave Peotone alone – In cse he hasn’t heard, we have O’Hare, Rockford, Gary, Midway….This idea of Peotone has never “flown” (pardon the pun) because it is not necessary!! No airlines have “gotten on board” with this (again pardon the pun) and I really don’t have any more money to give to the state because we would all end up looking at an airport with no planes, destroyed land that farmers have had in their family for generations and we would all end up paying for yet again another huge financial burden to taxpayers for the waste of spending money on an empty airport. FORGET IT. There are much more important issues, Mr. Jackson. Please take your “cause” elsewhere. Your son must be afraid he’s not going to get this project off the ground, so he has to call Daddy in. And don’t even try to tie this to the “occupy” movement – They are not even related. 17,000 jobs to build a “mistake” is not what the “occupy” movement is about.

  • Ken

    Jesse jr said in his speech on primary night 300,000 jobs would be created now it is 17,000 which is it Jesse you liar ! Peotone doesnt want or need this airport to nowhere so go away! Also funny how his district was redrawn so he could be reelected by a mostly BLACK population and take out his competition all at once!

  • tony

    Jesse what do you know about a job.your a rib tip eater

  • Matt

    This is how oblivious Jesse Jackson Jr and Sr are, they want to name is the Abraham Lincoln National Airport. Go on any search engine and look up Lincoln and Leberia, he wasnt the great savior of black people, he was a bigot who wanted to export them all off the continent!

  • Peotone

    I hope it rains like hell that day

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