By Marissa Bailey

CHICAGO (CBS) – A 30-year-old driver was at work just a few hours when he picked up a passenger who police say shot and killed him early Saturday.

Adegboye Oguntade of Lansing was an independent contracted driver for Jet Livery on the South Side. He had worked for them since late last year.

His manager, Fabian Morrison, said Boye –- the name he went by — was the hardest working driver on staff and would take any call.

He was dispatched to pick up a fare at 2:36 a.m. — and that was the last time anyone heard from him.

Morris’ theory is that Boye picked up the fare and was immediately hijacked. Minutes later, the car slammed into a pole in the 1200 block of West 69th Street.

Investigators say Boye was shot in the back. Witnesses say he was alive when police were called. His cell phone still in the car, but there was no sign of the shooter.

“It’s a very, very tragic situation,” Taiwo Olatunde, the victim’s cousin, tells CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey.

Olatunde traveled with Boye from Nigeria five years ago.

He says Boye was working in the U.S. and sending money back to his wife and three kids, hoping to someday bring them to Chicago.

“He’s been doing everything possible to make ends meet,” Olatunde said. “I think he will be greatly missed.”

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