CHICAGO (CBS) — The skies are dreary as rain falls off and on this Monday, but a little patience will pay off, because it will feel like summer again later in the week.

CBS 2 Meteorologist Megan Glaros reports the temperature was 62 at Midway International Airport, 58 at O’Hare, 53 at Waukegan and 64 at Gary as of 11 a.m. Light, but chilly and annoying rain was falling off and on in many areas, particularly to the south.

The forecast high for the day Monday is 66 degrees, with cloud cover remaining through the day and showers continuing. Southeast winds are blowing at 5 to 10 mph.

The low drops to 49 overnight, as the muggy, stagnant air brings patchy fog. But on Tuesday, the high climbs to 76 degrees as the month of May begins, with thunderstorms in the afternoon.

And when Wednesday comes around, break out the Bermuda shorts, because the high will be climbing to 85 degrees. The sun will shine most of the day, although showers and storms might be seen in some spots.

A chance of showers and thunderstorms remains each day for the week to come, with highs of 82 on Thursday, 78 on Friday, 70 on Saturday and 67 on Sunday.


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