(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to the Chicago Tribune’s Phil Rogers.

This, from Pete Hawk.

In Monday’s Tribune, baseball guru Phil Rogers offered his assessment of the Cubs and White Sox respective needs and how they planned to fill them through the draft. For the Cubs, Rogers identified the primary area of need as ‘pitching depth.’ He then predicted that, in order to fill that need, the Cubs would selected either outfielder Albert Almora or shortstop Carlos Correa. For the White Sox, Rogers identified the primary area of need as ‘impact/power hitting.’ To fill that need, Rogers predicted the Sox would select either pitcher Michael Wacha or pitcher Matt Smoral. So, let’s get this straight: To fill a need for pitching depth, the Cubs will select either an outfielder or a shortstop. In order to fill a need for hitting, the White Sox will select a pitcher. Phil Rogers, who ya crappin’?

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