Did Paramedic Falsify Report About Man Who Later Died?

File Photo Of Ambulance (AP Photo)

File Photo Of Ambulance (AP Photo)

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CHICAGO (CBS) — The Chicago Fire Department is trying to find out whether a paramedic falsified a report about a patient who died on Memorial Day.

As Steve Miller reports, a source tells WBBM Newsradio that paramedics were called to a man’s South Side home a week and a half ago and took the man’s vital signs, but the man refused to be taken to a hospital. That was even though a relative – by phone – had expressed her concerns.

The source says instead of making a report that said the patient didn’t want treatment, a paramedic entered “No patient found” into the computer – and left.

Later that day, a different team of paramedics was dispatched to the home after a 911 call because the man was not breathing. When they arrived, the man was dead.

A source says the paramedic who had responded earlier wrote another report and tried to backpedal – saying yes, there was a patient there after all.

Fire Department Spokesman Larry Langford says the Internal Affairs Division at the department is looking into the case.

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