CHICAGO (CBS) — I know I’m not the only Chicagoan who’s angry about guns, and the murders on our streets; two more shot dead Monday night.

That makes it ten dead and more than 40 wounded in acts of violence since Friday, and City Hall is spending more time worrying and whining than stopping it.

Ask a cop, any cop on any street, what the neighbors need and the answer you’ll get (I’ve been getting it) is that cops need more cops.

In the past two years, about 1,000 Chicago cops have retired, replaced by only 150 new officers hired in that time.

Gotta hire more. No, says the mayor, we can’t find the money. But he found $65 million for the NATO Summit, which he said would earn a $130 million. And he has some banks coming up with almost $2 billion for his Chicago Infrastructure Trust. And he has his Rahmbo rolodex helping him keep his campaign promise not to raise taxes.

Nown maybe it’s true that the mayor has to skimp, but please, not on our cops. Skimp on something else.

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