MERRILLVILLE, Ind. (CBS) — No toilets. No sinks. No showers.

Hundreds of families in northwest Indiana were without water for more than a day. As CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports, the outage had nothing to do with this weekend’s storms.

“I’m just really upset with the whole situation,” Angela Moore said Monday.

You would be, too, if the dishes had been piling up, or you couldn’t use the bathroom or take a shower. It was an upsetting two days.

Residents say the water had been off since Saturday night at the Huntington Cove apartment complex in Merrillville. Hundreds of people were affected.

Shirley Williams stocked up on gallons of bottled water. She went through a case just for simple hand- and face-washing and to brush her teeth.

A water main broke on the property. Fortunately, service was finally restored Monday afternoon, so life will be easier for tenant Syed Sam.

Some tenants went to their health clubs for showers, while others used water from the swimming pool to flush toilets.

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