Car Slams Into Semi, Causes Fuel Spill In Berwyn

Harlem Avenue Crash

A car slammed into a semi-trailer truck early Friday on Harlem Avenue in Berwyn. (Credit: CBS)

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BERWYN, Ill. (CBS) — A car slammed into a semi-trailer truck in Berwyn early Friday, causing the truck to spill its diesel fuel all over the roadway.

CBS 2’s Kris Habermehl reports the truck was heading north on Harlem Avenue when its driver first made a wide left turn, then turned back right into a parking lot to avoid a light pole on the east side of Harlem Avenue just north of Cermak Road.

While semi-trailer trucks are often outfitted with signs warning other motorists that the trucks make wide turns, one motorist apparently did not heed the sign and came ripping along, smashing into the right side of the truck.

When that happened, the truck popped its saddle tank, which carries half the load of diesel fuel. The fuel promptly spilled all over the northbound lanes of Harlem Avenue.

Firefighters responding to the scene put down sand and dykes to contain the fuel, so as to ensure that it did not go down the sewer.

Crews were to pull the vehicles apart after clearing the hazardous materials situation.

Information about injuries was not available.