New E-Mails: Paterno ‘Manipulative, Disrespectful, Uncivil And Abusive’

(CBS) CNN has new e-mails obtained from former FBI Director Louis Freeh’s investigation at Penn State and once again, they could be damaging for Joe Paterno.

The e-mails were sent in 2005 by Dr. Vicky Triponey, then vice president of student affairs in charge of disciplining students, to athletic director Tim Curley and president Graham Spanier after a meeting she had with Paterno in which he tells her that he wants to be the sole disciplinarian of his players.

In an e-mail to Curley, she writes:

Coach Paterno would rather we NOT inform the public when a football player is found responsible for committing a serious violation of the law and/or our student code — despite any moral or legal obligation to do so … I must insist that the efforts to put pressure on (Student Affairs) and try to influence our decisions…simply MUST STOP.

Then, in an e-mail to Spanier, she writes:

I am very troubled by the manipulative, disrespectful, uncivil and abusive behavior of our football coach.

She calls Paterno’s behavior “atrocious” and adds:

It is quite shocking what this man — who is idolized by people everywhere — is teaching our students.

The e-mails indicate Freeh investigated Paterno’s history of dealing with disciplinary issues at Penn State. The leaked e-mails suggest he preferred to deal with these matters internally, something that may explain why Penn State did not report Jerry Sandusky to authorities in 2001.

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