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CHICAGO (CBS) – Alisa Holman started her own school so kids could learn at a more accelerated pace.

CBS 2’s Harry Porterfield says she’s someone you should know.

Jade Jackson is only five, but she knows the square root of 100. That doesn’t surprise Holman. The child is one of her students, enrolled in a private school she founded three years ago, the Holman Leadership Academy.

“The mission behind Holman Leadership Academy is just to teach and empower tomorrow’s leaders,” she says. “What I mean by that is taking young children as young as four and five and teaching them what it means to be a leader.”

Fifteen youngsters ages 5 to 14 comprise the student body for summer camp. Qwest Kimble, 13, aspires to be a cardiologist.

A public school teacher for seven years, Homan started her  school so she could develop her own curriculum and teach at an accelerated pace.

At 5 ½ years old, Daniel Tollbert has already selected a career. He wants to be a dentist.

“I really want to be a dentist so everybody’s teeth will be good,” he says.

Holman says she started the school with no money, but through donations and tuition she was able to sustain its operation. She even dipped into her pension at one point.

“I had to. The students were worth it,” she says.

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