Monday Library Hours To Be Restored

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A bank of computers at a Chicago Public Library. (Credit: CBS)

A bank of computers at a Chicago Public Library. (Credit: CBS)

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CHICAGO (CBS) – Mayor Emanuel on Monday said city libraries will restore some hours that were cut earlier for budget reasons.

Emanuel said libraries would be open full days Monday, beginning in with the fall school year, as a result of new staffing strategies devised by his new library commissioner.

“It is creative, it is cost-effective, it is cutting edge and it insures that our libraries are serving our residents and our children and our taxpayers,” the mayor said at a news conference at a library location.

AFSCME, the union representing library workers, said all laid-off library employees would be going back to work under the plan.

The Mayor credited new efficiencies with allowing him to reverse the controversial reductions in service. And he tried to draw a parallel between the libraries and schools, where bitter contract talks could jeopardize them starting on time.

Also Monday, Emanuel responded to questions about his own work day and the amount of time he’s spending campaigning for President Obama, as he did on a TV talk show Sunday.

Emanuel said he spent eight minutes on TV and made several mayoral appearances. He also walked 11 miles with “rooftop pastor” Corey Brooks, who was halfway through his cross-country trek to raise money for a community center.

“Can you give me your schedule for Sunday?” Emanuel said.

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