By Dan McNeil-

I didn’t think much of it Tuesday night when Paul Konerko got bumped by the Royals’ Jarrod Dyson on a bang-bang play at first base.

When Robin Ventura left the Sox’s dugout, I thought he was going to argue a close call after Gordon Beckham made a diving stab and almost gunned down Dyson.

Dyson, a 5-foot-9, 165-pound outfielder, made contact with Konerko. It didn’t remind anybody of Raffi Torres’ high-speed, violent cheap shot on Marian Hossa during the Blackhawks’ playoff series against the Coyotes, but the damage it could do to the Sox could be even more significant.

One baseball star, especially one as credentialed as Konerko, makes a decidedly larger difference than one star does to a hockey team.

Never put the qualifier “minor” in front of the word concussion. There’s no such thing. Even in a more gentlemanly sport like baseball. Ask Justin Morneau.

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