CHICAGO (CBS) — The sound level was high, but the impact yet to be determined, as a college junior collected about 15 supporters outside City Hall, leading a rally against the city’s violence problems, as activists donned T-shirts reading “Enough, Chicago.”

Morehouse College junior Corey Hardiman said this is just the beginning, as he wielded a megaphone outside City Hall, demanding the city do more to curb violence on the streets.

“We’re ready for change. We’re tired. Young people can’t even get up and walk to the bus without thinking about ‘Will I make it back home, or will my momma bury me?’ We have had enough, Chicago,” he said.

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Hardiman and his supporters were rebuffed in efforts to meet the mayor to discuss Chicago’s violence and high rate of unemployment among African-American teens.

The group still had their say about the city’s rising murder rate this year, as well as stagnant unemployment rates, especially among young black men.

“We picked this particular place particular place, because there’s so many people sitting in this place, because there’s so many people sitting in this building behind us, that is not making a difference, but they all are collecting their $100,000 salaries,” Hardiman said.

Hardiman’s grassroots group, Enough Chicago, seeks higher school performance, more community youth centers, and jobs in the city’s African-American community.

“Let’s make the West Side and the South Side just like you would make the North Side, and Bridgeview, and Bridgeport,” Hardiman said as he led the rally outside City Hall. “We’re going to make a difference. We have children that have dreams as well. We have children that wants to be doctors, lawyers, teachers, and political figures.”

The Corliss High School graduate has also established an online petition, calling on the mayor and city officials to meet with Hardiman and fellow Morehouse junior Stephen Green to discuss the city’s violence, funding for youth centers, and more jobs for Chicago youths.

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