CHICAGO (CBS)–You may doubt me on this, but there are things to report in the news other than Romney’s taxes and Drew Peterson’s lawyers.

There is, for example, food — especially dessert, my favorite one being a peach, this peach that I bought at a supermarket. The color, the smell, the texture: a perfect-peach. Until I took a bite into soggy mush, all mush, no taste.

It’s a rip-off, an inedible peach, at $1 a pound.

I think we ought to be able to taste a peach before buying it, as we can try on a suit or drive a car before buying it. How hard can it be for a store to cut up a peach and give us a taste, to assure us we’re not being ripped off?

Cut up a bunch of peaches -– big deal. I say there ought to be a law requiring it.

The politicians in Springfield are always blustering about the good work they do that needs to be done, but they can’t reform the pension system. Try the grocery system.

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