CHICAGO (CBS) — In the wide wide world of whoppers, the big big fibs of politics, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has just gone way way over the top – telling us he’s leaving the Democratic National Convention early to come home to host a party, because President Barack has asked him to host it, for some Democrats in Chicago to watch the convention on TV.

Our famous mayor is cutting short his Rahmbo role at the convention; his big Rahmbo splash in Charlotte to host a little TV party in Chicago, because the president has asked him to?

That’s what he says, and his press office says to believe him.

Sorry, sir. No way.

My guess is you told the president you have to get to Chicago to avoid a disaster in the public schools, that it’s better for you to prevent a strike in Chicago than to strike a pose in Charlotte.

That, your honor is the truth. Why’s it so hard for you to tell it?

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