CHICAGO (CBS) — I’m all for getting into the swing of things – the crisis in public education, the slipping and sliding of our public schools, the boss man of City Hall, the boss woman of the Chicago Teachers Union, the parades, and those picket signs.

If I had a sign, what I would say is “Hey, Hey whattya say, give our kids a break today,” or “Why must you fight to do what’s right?” You big bananas of the public schools — Karen Lewis and Rahm Emanuel – insulting each other. And the teachers in the streets waving, and whistling, and having a blast; two days off to play around.

Never mind the children; there’s a game in town. The Great Chicago Challenge: for Lewis to be tougher than Rahm, and Rahm – of course – to be tougher than Lewis.

The problem is what they’re doing (and for more than a year now have been doing) is not about the children. It’s about power, and politics, and money.

Hey hey, ho ho, it’s time for both of you to go – back to school, to get smart, to learn how to work together for the children.

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