Walter’s Perspective: The Mayor Can Find Money For Schools

CHICAGO (CBS) — About our public-schools, the empty school budget, the bad money crunch, what I’m thinking is: C’mon Mr. Mayor, you can find some money for the schools the way you find it for other things.

The Rahmbo way: The Rambo rolodex; your days in the White House; your private telephone phone numbers of the rich and famous. Call them, Mr. Mayor, and get the money that only you can get, like the $64 million you got for your big bash for NATO, and the $7 billion you’re getting for your Chicago trust for roads and bridges.

Tell the rich and famous you now need money for the children, for air-conditioning in the sweltering classrooms that are numbing their minds, books for their low-grade libraries, pencils and paper for their homework.

Tell your money pals you’ll ask for less for bashes and bridges and the Obama campaign for re-election, if they’ll give more to the children.

If you want to, your honor, you know you can do it. Just pick up your phone.

  • Joey Tully

    Oh please! Tell me of any other professional who buys a fan for their work environment just to push a little air around to make a sweltering room more comfortable. Only teachers in large school districts have to spend their hard earned dollars on creating a classroom environment that is sustainable for their students.

    Let Mayor Emanuel give up his air conditioning and tell him that if he wants basics like toilet paper for meetings or a fan to keep the air moving around a bit that he should bring his own from home just as is done to teachers at CPS. The fact that he is said to have rolled his eyes over this negotiation point speaks to how out of touch and how uncaring our new mayor really is. Even former Mayor Daley realized and acknowledged how insulting it is to have teachers buy supplies for students or go without.

    A former close friend of mine adored Rahm Emanuel when he was a represenative in Congress. He couldn’t say enough about how committed and good he was. He has passed away. There is no doubt in my mind that my friend would be highly disappointed in the now Mayor Emanuel’s dismissive tone about what it means to teach in the Chicago Public Schools. I’m glad he isn’t able to see it, to tell you the truth.

    On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 10:40 PM, CBS Chicago

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