(WSCR) This week’s Crap of the Week goes out to Jon Gruden.

This, from Jon Gruden’s Broken GPS.

“During Monday night’s postgame rant, Jon Gruden empathized with the Packers. (He said) that after getting robbed by the replacement officials, the cheese heads had to endure a tough “6,000 mile flight home.” The Packers would be understandably angry if the pilot, who is supposed to take them the 1,700 miles to Green Bay, overshot the runway by more than 4,000 miles and landed across the Atlantic in Libya, or took the scenic route home through Central America. Maybe Gruden felt the team needed to unwind following the loss and soak up some sun in the Virgin Islands on the way to Wisconsin, or push back Week 4 prep a few days with a team sight-seeing trip to Greece. Jon, we understand how you wanted to break your monitor or choke the nearest human being following the Packers loss, but do me a favor, when you go to egg the houses of replacement refs with Aaron Rodgers and T.J. Lang, let them drive. Jon Gruden, who ya crappin?”

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