CHICAGO (CBS) — I have a subway story to tell you; on the Red Line this morning, the train talk was all about cops, cops, cops, cops. Kind of like President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney talking all about jobs, jobs, jobs.

The talk in Chicago is we need more cops. The murder rate is up, the number of cops is down to about 13,000, trying to protect three million people.

There are not enough cops, and we all know it, and they themselves say they need 1,000 more.

But to hire 1,000 more cops, the mayor will need about $50 million, and he says he doesn’t have it, that he cannot find $50 million in his new city budget of $8 billion,

To save more lives, he can’t find $50 million out of $8 billion?

How about this: for now, no more bicycle paths, or flowers on roadways, or a subway to the suburbs, or Lollapalooza?

No $50 million for more cops? There’s something wrong about that; not the $8 billion in the budget, but how he’s planning to spend it.

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